My Luxe Vibrator Is So Sensitive!

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The Luxe Touch Sensitive Vibrator comes to us from California Exotics, a very well-known US-based toy brand in the adult lifestyle industry, thought to be the global leader in pleasure product innovation and winners of the iF design award in 2015 which has been recognised worldwide as a label of design excellence. California Exotics has been making fantastic adult toys and novelties since 1994. They are at the forefront of design, innovation and development of products to enhance the sexual experiences of couples, groups and individuals alike. They continue to bring us innovative and interesting toys like this touch-sensitive vibrator the likes of which I’ve never seen or experienced before now.

How To Charge The Luxe Touch Sensitive Vibrator

When I was handed the Luxe Touch Sensitive vibrator to review one of the first things I was shown was how to charge it, which as an insertable toy newbie I was hesitant to do because of this charging design but I was assured this is the norm for a lot of rechargeable toys. To charge it you essentially stab it in a small easy to miss hole in the silicone located at its base so don’t be afraid to plug that charger in. Never fear this toy is still waterproof and sure to keep your showers long and baths extra relaxing.

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The Features Of The Luxe Touch Sensitive Vibrator

Keeping it classic I have the hot pink Luxe Touch Sensitive Vibe but it does come in four great colours Pink, Purple, Brown and Ivory. This wireless and rechargeable vibrator is made of premium silicone that is luxurious and has a silky touch which I adore as I have a preference for soft velvety silicone. Being waterproof and made of a high-quality silicone this toy is easy to clean and easy to keep sanitary with the correct use of hot water and toy cleaners (toy cleaners being a must)

It has a sleek and seamless design with only a slight deviation from its straight consistent size being an unobtrusive subtle head at its tip. It still keeps a rather neutral and non-realistic penis looking design totally smooth without any veins. The Luxe Touch Sensitive Vibe has a suction cup base suitable and compatible for use with a strap-on harness, I tried the suction cup out on my wall and it fell off after only 30 or so seconds without even touching it but suctioning it to a flat surface like a counter or floor worked fine and stayed in place even after manhandling it to test its suction ability.

With 10 powerful vibrations, pulsation and escalation functions to choose from this toy offers a wide variety to suit almost anyone’s preferences. It offers something a little different and what makes the Luxe Touch Sensitive vibe so unique is, of course, its touch-sensitive design. Just holding the vibe in my hands to test out this function I found that it doesn’t take too much pressure at all to increase the vibrations intensity with just a slight squeeze of my hand the vibrations instantly went from mild to strong. With 2 separate sections having the touch sensitive technology to pick up the pressure from my hand working wonders it really peaked my interest to try this toy the way it was designed to be experienced.

Sex Toy: Luxe Touch Sensitive Vibrator Sex Toy Motor Image
Sex Toy: Luxe Touch Sensitive Vibrator Motor Design

The button that turns the Luxe Vibe on gives off a soft white light and is also the same button you use to cycle through its 10 functions, the light and the button being upraised with a slight indentation makes cycling through the settings and switching the toy on and off easy and it also includes a travel lock function to prevent your Luxe Touch-Sensitive Vibe going off at an inappropriate time!

The vibe measures a generous 6.5” x 1.5” (16.5 cm x 3.75 cm) which is slightly bigger in diameter and length than what I’m used to in toys and for me, this vibe was too far on the hard side of things to what I prefer but if you are someone who likes an average-decent sized vibrator that is very firm (it has zero bend or give) this is the vibe for you, the vibrations are strong and the touch-sensitive aspect of this toy does exactly as it’s supposed to and the tighter you squeeze and the deeper you go the stronger it gets.


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Sex Toy: Luxe Touch Sensitive Vibrator in Brown

It seemed to take a lot of water-based lube so I might recommend using a silicone based lube that is safe to use on toys like (not all silicone based lubes are toy-friendly!) SuperSlyde which won the Eros Award for Australia’s best lube in 2013 and is latex safe, this lube glides beautifully and you only need a few drops to last you ages. This is a toy I will definitely be using again but with a partner who enjoys hard vibrators with good vibrations with plenty of choices with the 10 functions to choose from.

I am always looking forward to what California Exotics will bring out next and if you are a newbie to sex toys, a great read would be an introduction to vibrators.

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