A Candid Interview With Sunny Rodgers, Clincial Sexologist

Clinical Sexologist With Pipedream Products

At the 2017 AdultEx in Queensland the Adultsmart Vlog was lucky enough to interview Sunny Rodgers Brand Manager and Clinical Sexologist for Pipedreams Products arguably the world’s leader in sex toy manufacturing.  Sunny Rodgers Certified as Clinical Sexologist  With her new certification, Sunny Rodgers will be the official on-staff Sexual Health Expert for all of the Diamond Products family of brands- Pipedream Products, Jimmyjane, and Sir Richard’s.

Courtesy of Pipedreams Products –

‘Since 2000, Sunny Rodgers has worked in the pleasure product industry, where she has helped thousands of people choose pleasure products and improve their sexual relationships. Now Rodgers has added another layer to her expertise and made it official, with a certification as a Certified Clinical Sexologist & Professional Sex Coach from SCU – Sex Coach University. With her new certification, Rodgers will be the official on-staff Sexual Health Expert for all of the Diamond Products family of brands- Pipedream Products, Jimmyjane, and Sir Richard’s.’

Known amongst industry vets for her vivacious attitude, expertise and positive energy, Rodgers has established herself as a thought leader on the category. Rodgers received honorable mention for Storerotica magazine’s Most Influential Women of 2017, was voted as the XBIZ Award Winner for the 2016 Community Figure of the Year, is an Ambassador for the American Sexual Health Association, a member of the World Association of Sex Coaches, a Contributing Editor at Kinkly.com, and has hosted a popular weekly show on Playboy Radio.

With her new certification Rodgers will focus on healthy sexuality in relation to intimate products and how she can educate people to enhance their intimate lives in a positive manner. Her education and work will focus on the adult products industry, niche categories of sexuality that have typically been left out of the limelight and current trends of the moment.

“When I started my training with the accredited Sex Coach University in April 2016, I found the curriculum to be much more intensive than I had imagined – every course gave me the opportunity to dive deep into a new sexological subject. Trust me, I learned something new every day and gained extensive information from beginning to end. My certification journey took me almost a year to complete and has really enhanced my knowledge and life in ways I never expected,” said Rodgers of the program.”

Have a listen and look at what she had to say –


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Rick is the owner of the Adultsmart, an online sex toy shop that stocks over 13,000 products. He has been involved in the adult lifestyle industry for more than 25 years. Rick is an active sex blogger who provides a wealth of information and experience. He is an advocate of equality for gender and sexuality.

The Virgin Traveler in Yilan County, Taiwan

Filipina of Women in Polkadot Shirt

The sunlight beamed through the airplane window, and it almost blinded me. I cannot believe I slept through the entire trip. So much for sitting near the window, I didn’t get to see the clouds from where I am. I don’t really sleep when flying, I could just be really tired from doing a lot of house chores before leaving Manila. Visiting relatives there adds a lot of sense in my being. I mean, I would never truly know and understand the meaning of the word responsibility’ had it been for my Lola who always watch every move I make and tells me what I should do. “Do the dishes before rodents clean it for you”, “Your laundry won’t wash themselves on their own” or “How can you breathe all these dust?” There’s really something wrong with me, I’m 24 but my granny still tells me what to do. I don’t know if I can ever accomplish anything without anyone telling me what to do. Or can I? The chores really take most of my energy. At least before landing in Taiwan, I’m all energized.

I had to go meet up with a colleague for my blogging project. She said there’s this beautiful water church in Taipei that is worth seeing and writing about. The last thing in the world I need is my grandmother yelling orders, so here I am.

“Well hello there sexy!” greeted my friend Claire. She grew up here in Taiwan, and we met in UCLA back in college. We were housemates, and we practically knew almost everything about each other. “How’s Manila? How’s your family?” she asked while hugging me. “Yeah same old, granny still tells me what to do. Never gets tired of it.” We strolled out of the airport with my luggage and into our waiting shuttle. It’s nice to see a familiar place in an unfamiliar land.

“I’m so happy to see you Claire. It’s been a while huh?”

“You bet Lex. There’s so much to tell you! But before that look at you! You used to be all chubby and all, what happened? Crash diet?”

“Stress” I said. “Lots of it” I winked at her and we both laughed. “Yeah tell me about it.”

Claire is my best friend in the whole world. We did things together that I cannot even imagine I could do. We drove motorcycles without helmets and did not get caught, we sneaked into boys’ bathrooms just before they shower and hid in places without being seen, we climbed to the tops of hills and mountains, we shouted from them at the top of our lungs, we cursed and laughed at the world like there was no tomorrow. We’re practically like sisters. Soul mates. Claire had a boyfriend in college, actually they’re still together, and that’s when she spent less and less time with me. I caught them touching each other inside the bathroom once, it was so disgusting. After graduation, she left California, and stayed here in Taiwan with her boyfriend Chang, while I stayed with my parents.

It was hard to look for a job back there, until an online ad flashed on my social networking site looking for a blogger/writer. So, I applied and got in. I never realized I got a lot of creativity in me, until I started writing. My parents think I’m just wasting my life in front of the PC, but I don’t mind. I earn and I can save, so I’m all good. I visited grandma in the Philippines because I missed her so much, and because maybe it’s time for me to get some sense of direction. Yes I have a job, but I don’t know what to do with the money I earn. I save it yes, I actually have a lot of it now and I don’t know what to do with it. Grandma always says “Start with the household chores first, maybe then you’ll realize something.” I find that true though. Whenever I wash dishes, that’s when I think of all the things I did back then. I thought of having a house of my own, maybe a pet dog, running my own restaurant, running after my children with my husband.

“Lex, wake up!” My thoughts and dreams trailed off. “We’re here!”

Claire and Chang’s house is in Su’ao Township in Yilan County. It’s just a few minutes away from the beach. The house they lived in now is a gift from Chang’s parents, before Claire walked in the picture. Chang’s family loved Claire though, and I think they’re getting ready to be married in a years.

“Wow, this house looks really amazing Claire.” “I know right! Come on, Chang’s waiting for us inside.”

The entrance to the house is paved with beautiful marbles. The receiving area is very cozy with a brown leather couch, a mini library, flat screen TV and a coffee table. Two life saver’s hang from the terrace. Change used to work as a lifeguard at the local beach nearby, no wonder he’s got some memorabilia.

“Hey Lex, I’m glad to see you! How’s your flight?” he asked giving me a quick hug. “It was okay, I slept through the trip, was exhausted from dong house chores at grandmas”. There was a pause. And then we all burst out laughing. “Yeah that’s some life. Come on let’s have lunch, I prepared a nice seafood pasta dish and some potato salad.”

“That sounds amazing, I’m starving.” I said truthfully.

“Well what are we waiting for? Let’s go.”

After lunch, I asked Claire how to get to the famous church she was talking about. She offered to give me a ride, and just dropped me off at the entrance of the Shangri-la hotel. I made some arrangements with the hotel management, so I’d get to take a look at the beautiful church that looks as if it is floating on water. For the regular tourists, this church is off limits – only those holding wedding ceremonies are allowed to get in.


Shangri-la Hotel Photo
Photo: Shangri-la Hotel


I started walking on the corner side of the church, where a small boat is tied to giving you a rustic country side feel of transport going to the church. I was just enjoying the cool breeze and the quiet ambience of the place when I heard a really loud noise. “Excuse me coming through!” I’m like, who could be ruining my peace and quiet? I turned to see a handsome looking man, probably in his late twenties or early thirties, wearing white long sleeves, black pants and shiny black shoes. He was holding a leashed dog, a st Bernard, and they are coming towards me. Oh no.

I’ve never been jumped at by a really big furry dog before. Luckily, the guy managed to hold the dog before I took another step behind. One more step and I am sure to plunge into the greenish cold lake water.

“Whoa, hey boy easy! The frog’s gone okay, you almost knocked her off.”

I was frozen. My mouth stayed open and my scream melted away, the sound that came out is like a chicken’s. He was so cute. He looked ruggedly handsome, with really lean and muscular features. I’ve never seen such work of art in my life. “I’m sorry miss; Halsey really loves to run after frogs. Sorry to scare you. I’m Jason by the way.”

He held out his hand. Oh my goodness he held out his hand. What should I do??? I’m trying to reach for the hand but I can’t move!

“Are you okay miss?”

“Yeah I am. Uhm, I’m fine I’m just..” I took another step backwards and my legs splashed into the water. Luckily the lake is shallow, but I’m totally drenched. Unfortunately though, Jason grabbed my hand and he too, fell into the lake. In that instant, I wished he landed on top of me. “Oh geez it’s cold!” I muttered. “Are you okay? Let me help you up, I have spare clothes in my hotel room“

“Your hotel room?”

“Yeah, my sister’s getting married and we’re doing the wedding pictorial when Halsey here started running after that frog.”

“Oh I see. No I’m okay, I’ll just take a cab and go home.”

“No I insist please. This wouldn’t have happened because of me. At least let me help get you dried up.”


He helped me get up from the water. I was only wearing a shirt; my curves are showing up big time. I had to cover my front with my hands, otherwise he’ll see my nipples perfectly hardened by the damp coldness. Wait, was he looking? “I’m fine; I think I can stand on my own thanks” pulling my hand away from him. It’s really awkward walking along the sides of a really nice hotel drenched with a man you just met and his wild big dog. I caught a glimpse of him as I walked, I must admit he looks really cute. I can’t help but take another glance at his wet lean body. His cargo pants outline the size of his cock which makes me blush as I now know he is well equipped. I brush my arm against his as he walks in an attempt to instigate something.

He cleared his throat and I immediately looked away.” So, what’s your name?”

“I’m Lex”.

“Lex, is that short for Alexis? Alexa?”

“It’s Lexinne.”

“Nice name. It’s so unique”.


We walked past other guests and bell boys, until we finally reached the elevators. I was really cold and shivering.

“Lex, I’m sorry about what happened, I didn’t mean to ruin your day.”

With shivering voice I said “It was an accident. I’ll just get out of these cold wet clothes so I can be on my way.”

“I see.”

We quietly waited until we reached the 12th floor. He opened the door to his huge room.

“ Who are you sharing this room with?”

“No one.”

“Oh.” I said. I’ve never been alone in a room with a guy before. And a hot guy at that. Dirty thoughts cross my mind of how easy it would be to undress right in front of him but I have never done anything like that before.

“Let me just get you a towel, the bathroom’s in the bedroom, to the left.”

The bathroom was divine; I can’t wait to take my clothes off. I took a nice warm shower, and dried up. I never noticed that Jason is standing at the door way. With only a towel wrapped around his waist. Shoot. I forgot to close the door. I immediately covered my body with my hands.

“You don’t need to hide a body that sexy. Here’s your towel and some clothes. They’re my sister’s; I think you’re the same size.”

Why is he looking at me like that? “Thanks.”

He is advancing towards me. “What are you doing?”

“I’m giving you your towel and clothes.”

“Okay you can go out now thank you.”

He seemed used to seeing naked women. I better get out of here fast, I am not ready for this. After dressing up, I sprang from the hotel and into the road. I’ll call Claire to pick me up here. Wait. My bag’s in the hotel. I took a deep breath, and turned to the hotel, when a familiar voice called me.

“Hey sexy, do you need a ride?”

“No thanks my friend’s picking me up. I left my bag in your room, I’ll just go get it.”

“I’m going with you.”

We reached his room and I went straight to the bathroom where my bag is. I suddenly felt a hand on my shoulder. It was Jason. I immediately stood up. “I have to go, I…” “Hey, it’s okay I’m not going to hurt you.” He looked into my eyes and gave me a gentle kiss. I melted. We held the kiss for a long time until we were both out of breath. When we finally released each other, I couldn’t take it any longer. I grabbed and kissed him hard, my hands wrapped around his muscular shoulders. I knew I couldn’t stop. The sensation I was feeling is nauseating and it feels really good. He took his shirt off and mine, and he started tracing kisses from my lips, to my ears, down my neck and shoulders, and my bosom. He unhooked my bra and removed my shorts, leaving just my panties on. He scooped me and gently laid me on the bed, while he undressed. Cuddling my bosom, he kissed my tummy and played his tongue on my navel. The tingling pleasurable sensations drove me crazy. What’s even crazier is when he took my panties off, and talked to my other mouth. I tried to stop myself from moaning, but it was so good. I’ve never felt like this before.

He placed two fingers inside of me and started moving them rapidly hitting my g-spot. He began to use the full force of his arm and made even stronger pushes of his fingers. I had never felt so much pleasure in my life. I couldn’t help but to bring my legs together and I felt a strong sensation between my legs. I instantly began to squirt, the water hit his fingers with force, and the bed bellow me was drenched. He continued to flick his fingers inside of me, I thought the flow would stop, but I didn’t. He went inside of me and started thrusting his now stone-hard manhood into me, and I felt complete. “You are so beautiful” he whispered, as he continued to thrust. The gentle thrusts became rapid, until we both reached it, catching our breath.

“That was my first time Jason.”

“Yeah? I thought so. That was my first too, in the bathroom.”

“No kidding!” Why is he so insensitive? I got up and got ready to dress. “I was joking, come here.”

We laid in bed and talked about so many things until the sun went up. He told me about his life and how he also wants to be married in that same Eternal Water Church when he finds the one. I came back to Claire with more than just a story about a wedding church. After 5 years, I would never thought I’d come back to Yilan not to write about a church, but to be married there. I guess he already did find the one. I did too.





Anna has been writing original erotic works for quite some time and specializes in Asian fantasies. When you have a few minutes and want to relax by reading some FREE original hard core adult stories you are welcome at the adultsmart blog.

A Taste of Paradise at Guguan Hot Springs, Taiwan

Hot Model Photo

Meeting Elvina was the most incredible thing I can remember. Of all the girls I loved, she was the one which was sensual, sophisticated and had a voluptuous body. She was a girl that I was content to spend all of my money to win her over. Yet, she wanted to do that for me instead. I knew she was mine from the way we shared nude hot pictures on social media. We could spend sleepless nights chatting without regret. I was too shy, I could not send her totally naked pictures of myself. But she did. I never knew she was serious about this affair.

Her invitation to meet her was at least two days old. I had been so busy of late that I had not had time to log in my Facebook account. It felt both enticing and surprising as I lingered through her lines with pleasure “Please don’t let me down honey. I would be delighted to spend a whole night with you and offer you everything I have. I can hire a small room that accommodates just the two of us. I love you. I have everything needed to create a place for you in my heart. How would you feel about having my body for a whole night?” All the good nights she had been wishing with me were now becoming a reality. This was certainly going to be good. My mad longing to touch her perfectly toned body welled up in me. I was expecting something to transform me. The love I had accumulated for all that time was going to prove itself in this single night a strange adventure. The deadline was approaching. I had to prepare so fast to meet Elvina, the girl I had admired with all my strength. I was in Africa, She was in Asia. But she wanted to have me. We were going to meet in Taiwan, a country I had long ago read in history.

It was off course a long but enjoyable flight. I had been dreaming of arriving. Finally, I was there. As the plane landed nearer, I could see that all my life belonged to this land. She had been tirelessly waiting for hours, she had personally spent her own resources to meet me and I had finally arrived. I stepped delicately out and saw someone who looked exactly as the pictures she had sent. But for the entire one year something had been hiding from my sight. She had gently curved hips which fit snuggly into her miniskirt, her boobs were perky as they peeked out from the top of her singlet top which I desired to touch. Her body was slender and dainty. I felt too shy to hug her in the airport. I had that queer feeling that we did not just match. But the intimate smile she gave me assured me of her love. At long last, I gave up my fears and spread my arms for a hug.

She wanted to spend the night with me, it was the only thing she needed to be sure that I was the one. We got to the car and off we drove. She said there was a reserved place for just the two of us. We had the world before us and we were going to prove that the strength of our hearts held together by some formidable force which would be so hard to break. We were on our journey where we were sure of competing in a game that we would both win.

The two creatures combined by some unseen mechanism stepped out of the car carefully into the parking area. I looked around and felt the air of an adolescent boy with his first love. She held my hand tenderly and pointed at the main gate. This place was great, love had finally brought us to Guguan Hot Springs Resort. We took an hour or two getting to know each other to make certain we had finally come together. She hugged me. I didn’t know she had intended a kiss. She smiled and I knew I was hers. We were not yet inside.

Elvina was a tall and sweet looking girl. She had that unique confidence rare in most girls. She was taller than me. She cursed that strange instinct in me that made me think of porn stars when I looked at her face. I visualized her on a bed, already halfway into sex.

The weather at Guguan Springs was comforting, especially with each of us before one another. WI caught her fragrance and felt unstable. She had figured creatively a formular of killing me.

We entered the restaurant and sat oppositely. As she sat down, I could place her at exactly twenty one. Her chest was bulgy enough in her loose blouse that clinged intimately on her succulent body revealing the nipples of her breasts. She made sure I had got a glimpse of her thighs before she finally closed up. But even as she fumbled to close them up, her large deceiving thighs could not come together completely. They remained some inches apart, but not exactly revealing anything exact within. We ate fast. I cannot remember exactly if I felt the taste of that food. But the drink we shared the straw to take made me feel the sweetness of her lips.

Guguan Hot Springs Photo
Photo: Guguan Hot Springs

Dusk was approaching. She rose and stood impatiently. She wanted us to go quickly. She was not prepared to spend such a long time with me doing ‘nothing’. At least, she wanted to do something. Something that could place me and her to the weighing scale and determine who felt the true love for who

I was tired and sleepy but her fragrance awakened my senses. She opened up her mouth for a deep kiss, and I fed her. It was difficult to let go of the two lips. We struggled to suck the best out of the two mouths. She held my face and sat just in a good position to show me something. She caressed my beards and I felt the tenderness of her fingers. She whispered into my ears and all I heard was a feeling, not the words she spoke. She was already on my hairy chest. Downwards, she met a steady dick. But my belt was tight. I heard her scream as she held my penis so tight. She would die with it. Die of love. She was crying genuinely, but without tears. She had kissed with all her might, she struggled with my jeans and finally got it off. The boxer was nothing to her. The instrument she found was just enough for her. She opened her mouth and brushed my dick over her lips tenderly. I could only feel the slow moaning in her voice like a mere vibration of her lips over my dick. I was patient. I held her cheeks. They were smooth and kept my fingers sliding. I migrated downwards to the boobs, to these rounded instruments that I loved. They were hard. Elina was actually going through hell. She had stopped talking. Her moaning had become vigorous. She had remained with her loose bra. But I was not taking her anywhere yet. She screamed and slapped my shoulders in a demanding way. She began to complain and held my hand off the chest. I thought she was protesting. ‘Babe be honest! I need your word! Say your word babe.” She was taking my hand to her hole. It was small. I wondered if surely my dick could penetrate. I sympathized with her. She was still a young girl, but she said she was mature on her website.

Elvina was wet all over her thighs, all the way to the knees. She started begging for it, and I protested. She tried out her luck and in deed, she succeeded. Taking my penis into her hole. Though wet, I felt the heat in the pearl of that vagina. It was an adventure as she started struggling with me, wishing fervently with her body and shouts, but looking at the manner in which she held me, she could not dream of letting me go.

She lay in a good sex position, the traditional style of facing upwards but she modernized it by spreading her legs in the air, such that there was no obstacle preventing me from entering her. She screamed but held my neck tight. I was now used to her screams. But she was genuine in her screaming. She did not mean to pretend as most girls did. Pressure was mounting. She tightened her grip on my neck for about six seconds, then the screams disappeared. She looked at me and the protest in her eyes vanished. She tried to get make me cum, but was unsuccessful with her efforts. But she had another tactic which was unknown to me. Holding me tightly, she moved in the up-down motion till I was sure she had cooled down. But she was looking for a way to push me off. Then suddenly, she screamed loud and threw me away, and the spring of fluid, just like the hot springs outside splashed over my face. I couldn’t believe a girl had such a force. I did not know if she had lost her feeling, but I was still stable. I wiped off the fluid on her thighs and the hole and she did it for my dick. She was fresh again. We were in the field again. This time it was going to be my turn. I was going to work hard. I felt like I was releasing the waters of mv life into her tube but she made certain that my dick was out. With the fullness with which she held it in her hands, she dipped it into her mouth. I started a new chapter in this game. I pumped into her mouth and felt the vitality of her lips. Then she squeezed her lips in a professional way and what I did, whether I intended or not, was to release everything into her mouth. She went on sucking even as my dick fell helplessly.

It was midnight. Elvina took the shortest way possible to take a shower. I drank some juice, I took her tablet and opened the gallery. It was full of videos and photos of her bare body. Because I had already ejaculated, she seemed more pleasant in her pics than she seemed physically. I was again attracted to her. But I did not tell her. I saw an original photo that she had sent to me, her breasts were photoshopped so sexily that it seemed real. This was the picture I had taken as I bordered the plane to Taiwan and sent her. I remembered I had arrived tired and I needed a sleep. But I was not sure if that was what took me there.

Elvina was bored. She did not want to see me asleep. It was like a waste of time and resources. She woke me up with a whisper and a soft brush of her fingers over my face. She was also pressing persistently at my arm and she smelled sweet. My dick was painful for having done a fabulous job some hours ago. But I was a man who could not just afford to leave this girl unsatisfied for the offer she had pledged to last a whole night. I turned around to undress her but she was already naked. She slipped her thigh onto mine and dozed on my chest. She began to snore. She slept. I slept too. Second phase had been postponed.

Morning found us dozing. I could not believe myself having taken a single round with Elvina for a whole night. But I was still there with her. Next we were going to fuck, I would teach her a good lesson. But I had tasted something sweet. A paradise.





Anna has been writing original erotic works for quite some time and specializes in Asian fantasies. When you have a few minutes and want to relax by reading some FREE original hard core adult stories you are welcome at the adultsmart blog.

Anal Sex Guide

Fun Factory Bootie Set Anal Sex Toy Photo

I recently had a customer come into one of the Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres asking for a good lubricant for anal play. She described feeling “excruciating pain” when attempting to have penetrative anal sex with her partner and was looking for a product so they could do so successfully. Although products exist that reduce sensitivity around your butt, they are not magic cures to make excruciating anal sex feel good. My heart broke a little when I heard her experience as I could relate to her painful attempts to try anal sex and have it become a traumatising event. My early efforts at anal sex were met with the worst pain I’d ever experienced followed by days of discomfort! I feel fortunate to now know that this certainly doesn’t need to be the case!!  I am so excited to share some wisdom I’ve encountered along the way so that your anal experiences can be memorable in the best possible way. I speak from a woman’s point of view however the majority of these tips are appropriate for people of any gender and sexual identity seeking to dive deeper into anal play.

  • Relax and breathe: This is so important. Stress and tension can prevent anal sex from being the incredible experience it is capable of being therefore ensuring you begin with a relaxed and excited head space free of expectations is key. Sex doesn’t need be taken so seriously, make sure you have fun with it!!
  • Anal training and foreplay: Prior to jumping straight into full blown anal penetration, I highly recommend putting time into anal training and foreplay. Rimming and fingering are some great ways to get warmed up to anal sex and having some quality butt toys can make the experience really exciting. The Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres and Adultsmart have some amazing products perfect for getting your butt prepared for anal sex. Like the Fun Factory Bootie Set which includes 3 different sized butt plugs made from body safe silicone. These are great at gradually expanding your bottoms capacity, making anal sex possible, better and pleasurable.
  • What if he pulls his penis out and it’s dirty? Maybe this is too much information but I can tell you I’ve heard this fear voiced so many times by anal curious customers, so much so that I have come up with 2 answers to automatically rattle off.  #1 If someone wants to have sex with your butt, then this is a possibility they must be ok with. #2 Douche!! Cleaning your bottom out before partaking in bootie action will eradicate a lot of this fear however if you or your partner are far from ok with the possibility of mess then this will result in anxiety and tension (Remember the 1st point…not good!). This brings me to my next point…
  • A supportive partner: Whoever you choose to enjoy anal sex with, it is vital that there is a clear line of communication between you both. Being able to voice any discomforts, fears or worries before, during and after anal sex (and any sexual act for that matter) is key to an enjoyable, fulfilling and pleasurable experience. Anal sex can make you feel extremely vulnerable, often bringing up intense feelings and emotions which is why mutual trust and respect is vital.


Pjur Back Door Relaxing Silicone Anal Glide Image
Image: Pjur Back Door Relaxing Silicone Anal Glide


  • Be prepared! A good quality lubricant is really important to ensure comfortable anal penetration. Pjur Back Door Relaxing Silicone Anal Glide is a popular choice, with silicone lubricants my favourites. Unlike water based lubricants that usually feel sticky, your body doesn’t absorb silicone meaning constant reapplication is not necessary. That means less fumbling around for you both and more emphasis put on making the experience enjoyable. Intimate Earth Anal Relaxing Serum is a product I would recommend to people if they need something to relax their bottoms. It includes natural ingredients and doesn’t have a numbing effect like other products on the market. I also recommend keeping a couple of towels handy just in case. Enough said.


Intimate Earth Anal Relaxing Serum Image
Image: Intimate Earth Anal Relaxing Serum


  • Clitoral stimulation: Clitoral stimulation can be a really great way of relaxing your body whilst having anal sex. It also means greater pleasure as having your butt stimulated amplifies your orgasms to astronomical heights. A sex toy in your vagina can also be extremely gratifying but it does mean that it’s going to feel a lot tighter which could potentially be uncomfortable. I recommend having a few toys handy in case the desire arises to mix it up.
  • Get to know your own butt through self-exploration: I am a huge advocate of women and men getting to know their own bodies before being intimate with another. It can be a really empowering thing to know what your body’s capabilities are so that the road to reaching greater experiences with another can be shown.
  • Anal sex is pleasurable: Last but most certainly not least, anal sex is a pleasurable experience, not a painful one!! I can’t stress this point enough as I have spoken with countless women who believe that to have anal sex means to feel pain. Pain is your body’s way of protecting you from harm and when these messages are ignored then the repercussions can be horrible. Anal fissures & tears, bleeding, difficulties when going to the toilet, and unnecessary discomfort are just some of the issues that can occur from ignoring your body’s pain signals. During anal play, there may be a tightness or fullness experienced in your bottom which is perfectly normal however if pain is felt and is not going away, then take some time to slow it down or stop all together. Your body will thank you for it.

The staff in the Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres specialise in all things sex and pleasure so if reading this has you excited to try anal sex, come in and speak to staff about some of the products and sex toys that will make your experience as enjoyable as it should be.

Author: Stephanie Curtis- BA NursingSave


Meet the newest member to our team of experts. Stephanie Curtis is a sexologist with a huge capacity to care. Involved in spirituality and tantra her articles are professional, articulate and interesting. Enjoy Steph’s writings at the adultsmart sexual wellness and health blog.