VIP Interview with b-Vibe creator Alicia Sinclair

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Alicia Sinclair is an influential woman within the adult lifestyle and sexual intimacy industry. She has been the Director of Global Sales for Baci Lingerie, the Vice President of Worldwide Sales for Jimmyjane, a Resident Sex Expert for The Womanizer and the Founder of b-Vibe. This is a VIP Interview with b-Vibe creator Alicia Sinclair and sexpert from The Adultsmart Health and Sexuality Blog, which will look into her favourite accomplishments throughout her career.

Tell me about yourself?

I have more than 15 years of experience in the Sexual Intimacy Industry. Through my extensive work in the adult space, I have led many training programs teaching people about being sex positive – an attitude towards human sexuality that regards all consensual adult sexual activities as fundamentally healthy and pleasurable, and encourages sexual pleasure and experimentation.

I am a Certified Sex Educator, Certified Sexuality Coach, and a member of the World Association of Sex Coaches. I am the instructor of the expert course “Sex Toys in Today’s Market” at Sexology University.

On a personal level, I enjoy traveling to new places, going to concerts, enjoying a glass (or two) of wine, dinner with friends and family, a nice run on the beach, cuddling with my partner and watching a movie.

What are your favourite quotes?

“In the end the love you take is equal to the love you make.”

I enjoy this quote because I believe that the amount of energy and effort a person puts into something is returned to them.

What are your favourite accomplishments?

This year I won the XBIZ Exec Award for Businesswoman of the Year.  I feel so honored to be appreciated by my peers.  Such a cool accomplishment.

What is the story behind the inspiration, creation and development of your company and product range?

I’ve been selling, marketing, and branding pleasure products for almost 15 years. I’ve visited thousands of adult stores all over the world. During my travels, I noticed that the anal play section of almost every store is the same – black products in dark packaging. I also found that there was very little innovation in the products created for anal play. Everything looked and operated in the same basic manner. This inspired me to rethink the category. My goal was to create a new, fresh approach to anal toys and to also offer exciting innovations that create a truly satisfying user experience.

Alicia Sinclair Portrait Photo
Photo: b-Vibe creator and designer Alicia Sinclair

Where is your company located?

Our office is located in New York City, which is a wonderful advantage due to the close proximity to mainstream publications and excellent adult retail boutiques.

What does your company values the most?

Our company mission is to provide sex positive education, decrease social stigmas, and elevate the anal play category.

How does your company define and measure success?

The consumer experience is extremely important to us, thus we measure success by product reviews and direct customer feedback.

What do you love most about your brand compared to other companies?

How much we care about the design of products, mission to provide sex positive education, and inclusive marketing and branding.  We are also the only company 100% dedicated to creating butt stuff.

Tell me about your product range?

We currently have four different products. They are all premium, rechargeable, remote control anal play products that arrive complete with a beautiful travel case. Each plug is geared towards a different user type.

b-Vibe Novice Fuchsia Sex Toy Image
Sex Toy: b-Vibe Novice Fuchsia

b-Vibe Novice Plug

Our Novice Plug is a small, beginner-friendly size plug that is about the size of a finger and features a slightly tapered design. It’s an ideal product for anal play beginners because of the small size and easy to insert tip.  This plug arrives with a copy of “The Guide to Anal Play”.

b-Vibe Trio Purple Sex Toy Image
Sex Toy: b-Vibe Trio Purple

b-Vibe Trio Plug

The Trio Plug is a flexible, medium size butt plug engineered with the strength and versatility of three powerful motors.  The Trio Plug has eight levels of vibration strength and 9 vibration patterns. The versatile vibration strengths and patterns satisfy a wide range of intensity preferences and users. Choose from gentle, soft pulsations to fast, and powerful. On the highest setting, this plug feels like it is pulsing in and out.

b-Vibe Rimming Teal Sex Toy Image
Sex Toy: b-Vibe Rimming Teal

b-Vibe Rimming Plug

The Rimming Plug is our most popular adult lifestyle product because it is the first, and only, butt plug to incorporate rotating beads in the neck of the plug for a “rimming” sensation, with powerful vibration in the tip of the plug. The combination of rotation at the entry to the anus and vibration of the interior anal canal results in exhilarating dual stimulation. This is a large size plug that is geared for more experienced users looking to try something totally different.

What are your best sellers?

Currently our best-selling product is our Rimming Plug.  I feel that this item sells best in our range because it’s been on the market the longest and offers a totally unique and different experience that any other butt plug on the market.

If you could pick just two pieces from your product range, what would you choose and why?

My personal favorites are the Trio Plug and the Triplet Anal Beads.  The Trio is an exceptionally strong plug, that is the perfect size for me, while I love the sensation of the removal of anal beads.  As the beads are removed, they arouse the sensitive nerve endings of the double ringed sphincter muscle. This stimulation creates a series of pleasurable sensations similar to having a muscle massaged.

What are the most memorable quotes that you have heard about your product range?

“We filled a hole in the market.”
















Sexpert is our resident full time sex blogger. Having successfully owned and managed a number of blogs relating to women's lifestyle, she easily blended into her role as chief blogger of the Adultsmart Blog. She is in a long term relationship with her boyfriend. She also runs Good Girl Guide, a sexual lifestyle blog.

What Affects Levels of Libido

Couple in Bed Low Libido Photo

A spreadsheet released by a Reddit user recorded all the excuses his wife used to reject his sexual advances over a 44 day period. He had made a total of 27 sexual advances and only had sex with her 3 times which is an extremely high failure rate. The excuses his wife came up with provide a hilarious personal look into a couple’s sexual lifestyle. Some of the funnier statements include:

“I’m watching the show” (Friends re-run)

“I’m sweaty and gross, and I’m tired.”

“I’m not feeling good, I ate too much”


This spreadsheet may fit into a stereotypical view of the reasons why people do not want to have sex. In this case, a women who is too tired to have sex due to a busy lifestyle. However, in reality there is no real stereotype that men and women should fall under when it comes to the reasons why people have different levels of sexual desire. The truth is, some men and women may want sex all the time whilst others may want it sometimes and some not at all. There are many underlying factors that contribute to a low sexual desire that include mental health issues, medical problems, levels of attraction, performance anxiety and age. Listed below are factors linked in with having low levels of libido.

Mental Health Issues

Often depression, high stress levels of stress and anxiety are the main mental health factors that affect sex drive. Beyondblue claims that 1 million Australian adults have depression whilst 2 million have anxiety. Other problems may include relationship problems, family issues, poor body image and low self-esteem.

Medical Problems

Medical issues like diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic pain, hypertension, sleep problems and high cholesterol impacts levels of sexual arousal. A person’s sex drive can also be affected by medications and drugs. The most common medications that affect sex drive include antidepressants, antihistamines and blood pressure medication.

Some people also experience Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSSD). HSSD is when a person has no sexual desire, fantasies or thoughts about sexual activity. It becomes a disorder when the people who have almost no levels of arousal actually want an active sex life. It is said that this disorder impacts under 15% of women who are between 20 and 60. In hopes to help this medical issue, medical professionals are creating a female Viagra named “Lybrido”. Often the people who have this disorder are labelled as being “reserved” but HSSD is not in their control.


Women’s sex drive can be influenced by social and cultural factors. A women may naturally be ingrained to be aroused to a person who is able to support and protect her.


Reddit Spreadsheet of Sexual Advances Image
Image: What Affects Levels of Libido – Reddit Spreadsheet


Performance Anxiety

A man’s performance anxiety is linked with premature ejaculation, how they perform in the bedroom and society pressure. During penetrative sex, men often feel their partner has to always orgasm. This unrealistic view can be a problem especially when only 26% of women experience an orgasm during sex. Whereas 75% of men orgasm during sex.


Men have their highest sex drive between the ages of 15 to 20. As men age they experience drops in levels of testosterone which will give them a lower sexual libido. Testosterone impacts a man’s development of sex organs, body hair, bone mass and muscles. They may require more physical stimulation and higher levels of mental stimulation to get an erection. This means it will also take men longer to reach ejaculation. A man’s testosterone levels are higher in the morning than they are at night.

Women have their highest sex drive between the ages of 35 to 40. Women also experience Menopause where their estrogen levels drop drastically. The average age a woman experiences menopause is 51 years old. It appears that menopause is genetically linked, so around the age the woman’s nearest relatives have experienced it will be around the same age a women experiences it.

It is important to note that the aging process is normal and the changes do not happen all at the one time. The way people reach orgasm and make love can be slightly different to how they did it when they were teenagers. Although reaching orgasm may take more time, they are able to enjoy the process of sex more thoroughly by engaging in physical and emotional connections.

Seek Professional Help

People who experience low levels of libido can seek professional treatment. For mental health issues, you can talk to trained mental health professionals like a counselor, a psychologist or a psychiatrist. People who are experiencing relationship issues can seek help through sex therapy or relationship counseling. Whilst people who experience medical problems should seek help from their general practitioner for more information.

Some lifestyle changes can be made to help improve sexual desire that include:

  • Eating healthy
  • Getting the right levels of sleep
  • Using stress management techniques
  • Exercise






Sexpert is our resident full time sex blogger. Having successfully owned and managed a number of blogs relating to women's lifestyle, she easily blended into her role as chief blogger of the Adultsmart Blog. She is in a long term relationship with her boyfriend. She also runs Good Girl Guide, a sexual lifestyle blog.