The $18 Billion Dollar A Year Industry

$18 Billion in Sex Toys Sold Every Year

Around the world, the sex toy industry rakes in $18 billion a year, with 19.2% of offers being vibrators and 16% being dildos.  About 50% of women begin using sex toys in their early 20’s. Depending on which survey you believe anywhere between 44-67% of women actively use sex toys whilst 12% percent of ladies are using their adult toys more than once a week.  Believe it or not our cousins across the Tasman, those naughty New Zealanders statistically along with Alaska are the number 1 consumer of sex toys per capita with over 33% of women owning multiple toys.  In the United States Mississipi are the greatest consumers of sex toys and it is easy to see that they certainly are popular items.

$18 Billion Dollars
Sex Toy Business

The first known sex toy was carbon dated and found to be approximately 30,000 years old when it was crudely manufactured so they have been part of our lives post neanderthal. So for anyone to claim that the invention of sex toys was made by doctors in the 1800’s to treat women for hysteria is wrong.  Sure the first vibrator was invented then (believe it or not it was steam powered) and used for a multitude of ailments – but they have always been a part of human life.

Introducing Sex Toys

Some couples have initial misgivings about introducing sex toys into their relationship. There is a mistaken belief that toys can get in the way of partner intimacy when the exact opposite is true. For many, it can be difficult and embarrassing just to bring up the subject, never mind figure out what you and your partner might enjoy trying out together. Everyone loves to receive gifts though! A sensual product or sex toy can make a wonderful “any day” surprise gift for a significant other. The best part is that gifts such as these go far beyond the pleasure of their use to become shared memories to treasure forever.

If giving a sex product or toy as a gift for the first time, try something that will put a new twist on an experience you already know that you and your partner enjoy. In other words, don’t start off with a black leather riding crop if you have never been spanked before! Items such as naughty lingerie, edible body paints, and massage oils are nice, safe, non-threatening introductions to the whole idea of romantic play. The best Sex toys for beginners are often the simplest ones. A blindfold, for example, can put a brand new spin on familiar experiences since depriving one sense heightens all the others. Likewise, a nice set of padded leopard hand cuffs can turn plain vanilla sex into an exotic treat.

Even if you and your partner are experienced toy users, you’ll find that there is a huge selection which can make it hard to choose. Some sex toys are vibrating and some are not. Some penetrate and some don’t. Some simulate flesh while others are entirely alien in appearance and texture. The most important factor in choosing any toy is the appeal it holds for you and your partner. Toys can teach you all kinds of things about your shared desires as well as body sensitivities and responses. Sex toys can bring people closer in body and spirit. They are a wonderful way to have fun and heat up even the spiciest of relationships.

Shopping for your first sex can be a daunting prospect. First off, we recommend you always deal with a company you can trust. It must have knowledgeable, professional customer service, and sell only the best quality products available on the market. Don’t hesitate to email the company with questions like,

What is that thing and how do I use it?

You won’t be the first person to wonder so they will do their best to answer the questions to your satisfaction. To make you feel more comfortable, there are probably many people who have asked similar questions to you so you won’t be the last to ask.

Don’t be surprised if after using your new sex toys together for the first time you become more adventurous in your relationship in general. You will start to explore your mutual fantasies as well as the vast variety of fun and intriguing products that are now available. At one time, most of the sex toys and products out there were oriented toward straight men and heterosexual couples. Now, Sex toys  span the whole rainbow of possibilities, geared toward all kinds of adults in every sort of intimate relationship imaginable. There really is something for everyone.

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