14 Toys To Make Sex Sizzle – All Hot and Bothered

The latest range of sex toys has got people all over the globe hot and bothered.  With countless options at your fingertips, how do you know which one will make sex sizzle?

Fear not, my friends!  We’ve scoured through our top-rated adult toys and accessories to bring you some saucy suggestions.

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Sex Toys to Make Sex Sizzle

In The Shower

The Shower suction hand cuffs allow you to tie or cuff the hands of his or her to the bed or if you shower sex.  It is made of a spongy material and comes without any keys.

Yes, it is made up of strong Velcro that holds snugly onto the hands, causing no unnecessary pain in the hands.  It is quite cheap in comparison to the other cuffs available in the market.

Jojoba Lubricants

Unnecessary pain may arise during penetration in anal or vagina when sex is being had for a long time.  You bring you this super Silicone Jojoba based Lubricant that lubricates the vagina, anus or the penis.

Use it for easy sliding not only during vaginal penetration but also during an anal sex.  This cream causes no unnecessary irritation or itching, even when used for a long periods.

Spandex Full Face  Hood

There are Spandex full face hood that can be worn during passionate love making. It is very comfortable and promises more intimacy and closeness between partners.

This fetish love mask can spice up your sex life and promises to bring double the fun,  daring and kinky.

Dildos to Make Sex Sizzle

They come in all shapes and sizes.

There are those that are perfectly shaped like a human penis.  This hand held self stimulating toy for women should be used with a lubricant to explore deep inside the vagina or anus for ultra sensation and stimulation.

Many  are available now at reasonable prices.

Sex Toy Cleaners

They require special care. This is why you should use this antibacterial toy cleaner to keep the bacteria at bay.  And help you have healthy intimate love making session with yourself or with partner.

Have no fear of infections or other nasty things.

Make Sex Sizzle with Fancy Dress Lingerie

Nothing can spice up your sexual desires and fire you up for love than watching your partner in a sexy short tight dress, say of a nurse, or even a sailor.  How about getting him to dress up as a doctor?

Imagine the role playing fun you can have.

 make sex sizzle
couple intimately kissing

Leather Paddle

Genuine leather paddle is  a product for those who like it rough or maybe just a little.   When you hear that paddle strike that perfect rear both of you will tingle with desires.

A bit of slap and tickle only fuels up those carnal fires so add on today.

Bondage Gear to Make Sex Sizzle

Role playing is credited with saving many marriages and relationships from ending.   Adding fun and trust in a relationship only helps to strengthen the commitment to each other.

Find your passionate love again with the addition of bondage gear and bdsm roleplay.  Bondage game can spice up romance and love.  The internet features chastity belts, penis rings, dildo, and loads more stuff.

There are a multitude of different products out there.

If you’re after a little kink then perhaps you could look at some whips and paddles.  It helps the couples to get a little daring in bed, explore their kink side and delve into the deepest darkest desires that they have.

Bring a new meaning to the phrase that love is painful.  It can allow a lot of passion and pleasure to flow through the body.

Leather Jock

If men like to see women in lingerie, then surely it’s fair to say that some girls would like to see their man in an outfit as well!  There are an abundance of costumes out there, male lingerie and all sorts of sexy underwear specifically for the male.

The leather jock is an exceptionally popular outfit which invokes feelings of power, strength.  AND the smell of leather is just an absolute turn on.

Flick Duo Stimulator to Make Sex Sizzle

A rechargeable Flick-duo stimulator is new on the product line.  Whether you are alone or in pair, it can be used easily to stimulate the clitoris.  A particular U-Shaped bent allows easy insertion into the vagina for stimulation of the G-Spot.

It is slim and  ensures smooth insertion.  No battery replacements as it’s rechargeable.  Runs for a long time without recharging for the next time.

Wriggler Vibrator

This is an exciting new sex toy.  It is a vibrator and a wriggler and can be used to insert into the vagina and turning on the power.  Not only the vibrator causes stimulation, the wriggler wriggles.

That is it itself rotates or “wriggles” inside the vagina to stimulate an actual penis.

Its body is rounded with ups and downs that create intense pleasure and stimulation to a quick orgasm.  Slim and can be easily inserted into the vagina without any problem.

Cock Rings to Make Sex Sizzle

These are manly toys as well that are simple silicon or metal rings worn on the penis.  Blood stays longer inside the penis, causing harder erections and longer time meaning more fun.

Cock rings are available in silicon, stainless steel, or pure plastic.  These are 100%  hygienic and can be a great friend to guys who face premature ejaculation and erection problems.

Tie Me Up Kit

These kits of various colours are mainly used as leverage or as an anchorage to other bondage tools.  Available for dirt cheap value on internet.

Want to tie the arms and legs for a passionate love making?  Yes, this is the tool that you are looking for.

Kama Sutra Fetish Cool Mints

Nobody wants bad breath during an intense kissing session.  So why don’t you get the Kama Sutra Lip Fetish Cool Mint.  It freshens your breath.  A hint of mint makes the kiss spicier and causes tingles.  Especially when you go down there.

make sex sizzle
woman get all hot and bothered

Intimidating Sex Toys! Make Sex Sizzle

I have worked in an adult shop now for just under a year.  Within that time I have broken up with one partner, been single, found myself again and met someone new who is pretty damn amazing.

I am a relationship girl through and through, I do not enjoy being single.  Don’t enjoy meaningless connections, meaningless sex or the so-called “freedom” that comes with not being tied emotionally and physically to anyone.

My sexual resume would resemble that of a student who has just left school and only had a couple of part-time jobs,

But I found myself working in an adult shop and selling, recommending and purchasing adult toys.  There does seem to be a lot of assumptions made of those of us who choose to work in such an industry. 

To me the motives behind me working in the adult industry was to bring my confidence to the surface. Be sure of myself, to be able to hold my ground. 

To help those who need it when it comes to happiness.  Give a different point of view about the more intimate side of relationships.

A challenge of my interpersonal skills

With an area of knowledge I only knew a bit about. I have met, spoken to, been introduced and discovered a world.  A world in which men, women and anything in between chose to spice up, control, involve, discover and even replace all ways we have sex and experience orgasms.

Don’t get me wrong I am all for sexual exploration, sexual awareness and the right to orgasm.

But I am very happy to admit sex is a lot more about connection then it is just for the physical. 

I have gone months to years between relationships without having any sexual encounters with any other person.  Just because I believe in relationships. 

I believe in sex as expressing feelings, love, and connection in those relationships. But I also believe in not judging someone for their own decisions or own outlook on life.

Sex is always a 2-way street

Not just about my own sexual gratification.  To me sex is giving your whole self to your partner, your insecurities, vulnerabilities, wants needs, passions, and desires. 

It’s about satisfying your partner to give them complete enjoyment as well as enjoying yourself.

I am an incredibly empathetic person and the concerns and issues of most people resonate within me. 

I’ve witnessed it many times, a couple come into store mainly the boyfriends or husbands idea first. 

Then as they move further into the store they are overwhelmed by vibrators, dildos, contraptions, of everything and anything in between. 

Their facial expressions change. This is the point where the guy no longer feels comfortable. Stress of intimidation overcomes their eyes in a clouded haze. 

On the other hand, the girlfriend or wife seems to no longer feel timid or scared.  And are fairly amazed at the products and their capabilities.

They are inquisitive and ask a multitude of questions.

As a woman I know toys don’t replace men.

If I had to choose I’d throw out my toys in a heartbeat if my partner was that threatened. Because I do think sexual satisfaction should come from your partner and not be relied upon by toys. 

Controversial, I know!

Have you ever heard the saying Everything in moderation”? 

Same rule applies to toys in the bedroom.  They are an aid, not a replacement. I believe that 100% you may be able to orgasm in under 3 minutes with your womanizer.

But try using it while with your partner and tell me it doesn’t increase the mood by at least 50%.

My job is to endorse orgasm to make sex sizzle 

I want everyone to be able to fulfill their needs without the fear of intimidation.  So, to ease you and your partner into the world of toys the ones listed below are an awesome way to bring yourselves into toy play without hurting anyone’s feelings.

Remember you’re trying to spice things up, not replace anyone! 

Top Picks for Sex Toys to Make Sex Sizzle

Vibrating eggs

These little eggs are gold mines, small and discrete.  Your partner can control them with remote your phone! There are so many possibilities with these all you need is your imagination.

Cock rings

Small, simple, sleek multiple possibilities and advantages and amazing for both partners. 


Who can forget lube?  Its sensual, slippery, tantalizing, and its uses are endless.  Not to mention it also helps women to orgasm easier. 

What are you waiting for?  Try one.




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