11 Ways The Doctors Agree That Sex Benefits!

During consulting and prognosis, I have listened to many different patients who lament on different illnesses that make their days unbearable. Though it is not ethically and professional to tell you of specific instances or their identities, I am always obliged to do so within my ethical boundaries because they have solutions to their own problems which in turn are solutions to others problems. Blame-the-victim-syndrome is not one of the medical remedies that I practice. Instead, I teach them on the benefits of one of the most controversial subjects- healthy sex. Sex is good for your health as opined by many medical practitioners, therapists and counselors like myself. Here is how…

Healthy Sex Live

Mood Boosting:

I have in uncountable occasions refused to give medicine to married patients who have complained about low moods. The reasons is there are a number of ways to alleviate low mood, self esteem and depression methods through other holistic means. Exercise, diet and of course healthy sex are all natural things each one of us can do to improve our conditions.  Natural is often the best form of  treatment.  Many of my theories specifically relating to healthy sex and how it helps all humans are controversial. That being said there is research and solid based founding. For instance it is not a well know fact but did you know that the vagina tissues are known to have high absorption capacities – the anus even more so. On the other hand, semen is known to contain several hormones that are highly capable of raising moods. They include serotonin, oxytocin, endorphins and prolactin whilst during the act adrenaline and other natural mood enhancer are released by the participants.

It is only logical and backed by hard scientific facts that after a good session of healthy sex, there will be an extremely high chance if not guaranteed that the participant’s moods will be elevated. Many people refer to an ‘after-glow’ after climax that I believe is attributed to this. This theory was supported by a research conducted by the Michigan State University which suggested that people who participated in unprotected sex showed characteristics of higher elevated moods than those who used protection. I highly recommend sex as a mood booster and have developed preferred different sexual positions as they will not only enhance mood but are a part of regular healthy physical exercises.

Immune System Booster:

Wilkes University in Pennsylvania conducted a research on the effects of sex on the immune system. The research found that people who practiced sex often had three times more of the antibody called Immunoglobulin compared to those that either had seldom sex or had no sex at all. Immunoglobulin in individual’s blood streams helps the body to produce antibodies that protects it from diseases. Given that it does not last for long, adding it through constant healthy sex is something I highly recommend. Sex is good for your immune system. It is good for your health and general well-being.

A Healthy Skin:

In the medical world we all know that during coitus, there is increased blood circulation in the body. This explains why after having healthy sex, participants enjoy moments of a glowing skin. This is just a short term benefit. Scientifically speaking, orgasms are known to trigger release of endorphins and other hormones like Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). DHEA is known to heal the side effects of sunburns and accumulation of cortisol, a substance that causes the skin to become thinner. If an orgasm can improve my skin texture and look, why can’t I have more of it?

Stress Relief:

During sexual intercourse we all know that all our concentration goes into the act especially when there are mutual feelings between the two parties. We stop thinking of all other things that bring stresses in our lives. I fully agree with the findings of a German research colleague who suggests that people who have good sex lives are less likely to suffer from low blood pressure. This is because during sex, the blood is highly oxygenated and this increases the metabolic activity and there a steady supply of the blood throughout the body. I therefore say that sex is good for our hearts and the overall functioning of the body.


Most medical practitioners can agree with me that the oxytocin hormone that is released during sex has the capacity to give relaxation in the whole body. The higher the level of oxytocin one releases the higher the level of relaxation. This explains why we quickly fall asleep after the act – especially men. I therefore often recommend that for us to always keep the levels of oxytocin high, we should have sex more often. Quality sleep is also known to assist in having a healthy skin not forgetting the health benefits that comes with quality rest at night.

Self Esteem:

I have had sessions with patients that suffered from low self-esteem. Many of them feel that the world does not appreciate them. They feel unwanted. This causes them to lose or gain appetite and it follows that their health is often put in jeopardy. At times, I have always asked them about their sexual history in the previous weeks or even months. Many of them disclose that they have had problems in their relationships that are the cause of them not having sex regularly. In psychology, it is agreed that when we have good healthy sex, we tend to feel desired, attractive, confident and productive in everything that we do – including away from the bedroom. This is because stresses that come with low self-esteem are dealt with amicably. When our spouses approve and appreciate us sexually, we tend to think that the whole world thinks about us the same way our partners do. Positive compliments from our sexual partners make us feel generous. A sexually satisfied person is a stress-free person and therefore physically and physiologically more likely to be healthy. Stress affects our health and healthy sex relieves stress.

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Stronger Relationships:

I believe that when we have quality of healthy sex, we always end up having stronger emotional intimacy, bonding and connection. We are therefore able share our frustrations in life without fearing each other. It follows that we release less hormones that cause us to have emotional or physical stresses. When we are stressed sometimes we transfer our stresses to our significant others. For instance, when mothers have stresses, there are high possibilities that they their eating habits are affected. This means that if they are lactating, the health of the mother as well as that of the baby is affected. We can therefore say that if the mother is happy from the bedroom, the whole family becomes irrefutably healthy.

Aches and pain relief:

The oxytocin rush that happens during orgasm triggers the release of endorphins. High levels of endorphins have been proven to have the same effect as that of many opiums. This means that when you have sex regularly, you are less likely to suffer from aches and pains and in case you have any, it will be reverted fast enough. Many back pains can be cured through sex.  As you are exercising during healthy sex you are working, moving your body increasing mobility and muscle strength which goes a long way in repairing and maintaining your bodies muscle mass and definition.

Increases Testosterone in Men:

After a male ejaculates sperm and testosterone is released from the body. This release causes the male body to reproduce sperm and replace testosterone at a higher rate than when the body remains sexually idle. The more frequent sexual activity the quicker these invaluable natural steroids and male seed that promote strength and growth.

Weight Loss:

Increased sexual activity like any exercise will burn off calories and increase your natural metabolic rate. Daily sexual activity will also increase stamina and it therefore goes hand in hand that having active healthy sex will improve your fitness and decrease your weight.

May Reduce Risk of Cancer in Women:

It is a well-known fact backed by research and statistics that a woman that has not given birth to a child is more susceptible to breast cancers. It is this that caused the plague amongst Catholic Nuns and other women that abstained from healthy sexual activity. There-fore, excluding the invent of artificial insemination with for female same sex couples, couples with an infertile male or surrogacy abstaining from sex increases the risk of breast cancer in women so having healthy sex reduces its cause.

My recommendation for people to become sexual athletes has a lot of scientific basis. Healthy Sex done in the right setting will always have a lot of benefits both directly and indirectly. Let people not visit physicians when they have the natural and enjoyable remedies at their disposal in the bedrooms. A sexually healthy person is generally a fit, happy and grounded person that has better than average mental and physical well-being.

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