10 Secret Tips To Host A Top Gay Sex Party!

10 Secrets For A Great Sex Party!

Hosting a successful gay sex party for you and your guests can often be difficult.  However we are here to help and set out below are some secrets that will make your party great –

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  1. Theme:    First of all you need to pick a party theme. Creating a successful theme means generating some interest and attracting more people. You should consider creating a masquerade party, an underwear exchange party or even a sexy slumber party. By choosing a theme helps you in restricting your guest list. You should be honest with your guests and inform them of what they are going to get and what kind of peoples are going to attend your gay sex party.
  2. Guest List:  Building a guest list will be inevitably difficult. I always recommend you start with your own connections. You can choose top men or bottom men, or a combination of both. Generally be cautious though because bottoms can be really greedy in sex. Therefore, make a clear list of what type of people you want to attend to your party. You can make it simple just by restricting age, kind of people, types or anything else. It is best to always ask for a photo of each person attending to your party and a confirmation of attendance. Email is the easiest way to send invites and provide phone numbers or get photos. In all your interactions with guests you will want to do but be sure to be polite. Posting stuff like, No fatties will piss off some people. Therefore pissing them off can make your party their target for their wrecking behavior. Your gay sex party should reflect the sexual experience you want to offer.
  3. Planning:  The most important thing is planning your space for your gay sex party. If the party takes place at your home, decide where guests will and will not have access. The entire party must be explained in detail to your guests. Don’t just give an address, but let them know about the place they can park their cars, whether there’s a security standing in front of the door or door code, whether to knock or enter straight on, etc.
  4. Designating Areas:  Explaining the interior of the area that the party takes place is important too. Tell them if there’s a bottom area that accept loads from multiple tops that stop by over a period of time. You should have a space where the tops can clean-up and put back on their clothes. Have a place for guests to disrobe, store clothing safely and dress later. Parties usually need three spaces; a dressing room, a play space and a clean up space. Designating off limits spaces. It is important to post signs for spaces like your office or other rooms that guests should not enter. Also consider posting signs directing guests to the location of food and drinks.
  5. Security:  Security is a must in all parties. First of all you can send an invitation stating a designated time. If the time passes the entrance will be locked. No new admissions should be accepted after this time. The second way to make a more secure gay sex party is to have someone or some people to monitor the door. You can do this by hiring a security guy and another person that can protect the clothing room. You can then make people aware that there will be persons protecting them and their belongings.
  6. Supplies:   Purchase supplies you will need. You should always purchase small bottles of lube, especially those that can be carried in the pocket. Also consider purchasing cheap hand towels while leaving them throughout the house, especially on any flat surface and in any room you think sex will happen. You should also provide condoms to promote safe sex.x
  7. Recreational Accessories:  Usually gay sex parties can be the concentration of drugs like ecstasy and marijuana. While you may allow them, this can make your party a target for law enforcement. I would personally avoid such things.
  8. Timing:  The best time to have a gay sex party is during the weekend or holidays. Depending on the theme, the later the better.
  9. Boundaries:  It is best to designate roles and rules if you are making a gay sex party. You can inform your guests of designated top or bottom men choose the places for orgies or even tell to your guests that everyone is allowed to touch everyone else. If you don’t want people jerking off while they watch, kindly ask them to participate in the party. Another important thing is asking a guest to leave politely. In many gay sex parties you will find people trying to sneak in just to watch the fun while not participating. For some people this isn’t a problem, while for some of your guests this could be a serious issue. If you prefer people to participate, you should inform your guests that people should be there to play and if something isn’t right the host can ask them to leave.
  10. Finances:  Asking for money is a big deal but if it is done properly and kindly it can work out. First of all you should make people feel that their money worth the purpose. You can suggest people to chip in for security or other things, but an actual admission or cover starts making it more like a club so avoid that one.


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