10 Of The Strangest Things Women Have Put In Their Vaginas!

Every now and then, I am reading the news and find a story that grabs my attention about the sexual health of women and the weird things they do sometimes. This story makes me wince in horror and pain. My body reacts as if what were happening in the news was happening to me. After the initial shock has passed through my system and the small amount of adrenaline has worn off, I begin to laugh. Recently, what has caught my interest are stories about women who have all been putting exceptionally abnormal things inside their vaginas. The thing’s that I have found that women have placed inside their vaginas include but not limited to stolen merchandise and weapons!

When it comes to storing things in your private areas, it seems that the sky is the limit with the type of objects they can be stored there. But at the end of the day, it is not safe to store just anything up there! Most of these vaginal storage adventures end up with people in the hospital at any hour the day or night. Obviously, There are many different types of vaginas but the vagina is not intended to be a stockpiling locker, nor is it an especially helpful spot to stockpile blades and guns. Here is a count down of some of the most irregular things ladies have put up inside themselves. Obviously, don’t attempt any of these at home or anywhere else!

Gun In Vagina
Image: Weird Thing In A Vagina

1. Credit Card And Drivers License

Luckily for a lady in Florida who went on a shopping spree at her nearby Home Depot with someone else’s stolen Mastercard. When this women was found by the police, they inquired as to why the back seat of her car was brimming with newly purchased expensive power tools in shopping bags. The lady confessed to having a stolen Mastercard and driver’s permit concealed securely inside her vagina so no one could see it.

2.  Weapons

After getting into a disagreement with an another lady over some cigarettes, a Florida woman was arrested and upon being searched, it was found that she was concealing two weapons: a long blade knife covered with several towels and a second short blade, both stashed inside her vagina. Ouch and ouch. Surprisingly the towels were not cut through and her vagina was safe from harm. This story could have gone a lot worst but she was very lucky.

3.  Mobile Phone

A Romanian woman was caught after stealing a mobile phone from a restaurant and “tamponing” it. She put the mobile phone in a condom and placed it inside her vagina. How did the police know where the products was. Those cunning law authorities called the missing telephone and the lady’s vagina began ringing lucky for her or unlucky for her, it wasn’t on vibrate. No, I’m not making this up. As anyone might expect, the victim of the theft did not ask to get the telephone back but if they did, it still would have worked.

4.  Handgun And Drugs

In the wake of capturing an Oklahoma lady for drugs possession, cops felt a “wooden and metal thing protruding from her vaginal area” amid a routine body search. Upon closer review, it ended up being a handgun that she was trying to conceal. The lady also had several packages of methamphetamine inside her posterior, yet that was an insignificant  to the high powered weapon she was concealing up front.

5.  Donny Osmond Poster

A British network show called Bizarre ER recently featured a story of a female in an emergency room whining of agony “down there.”. What was the problem? A large poster of musical performer Donny Osmond stuffed inside her vagina. I know your brain is presumably dashing with a million inquiries like “How enormous was the Poster?”… “Who’s Donny Osmond?”… and, maybe in particular, “Why? Whyyyy!!??”.

6.  Glass Bottle

When a bottle is inserted into a rectum, it can cause suction, and it won’t come out easily, says Darria Gillespie, M.D., an assistant professor in the department of emergency medicine at Emory University School of Medicine. Unfortunately, one of Gillespie’s patients learned this the hard way. What makes it even worst, is that it may even break!!!

7. Remote Control

Another woman had a TV remote control lodged in her vagina, says Gillespie. No word on whether she was able to change the channels though.

8.  Barbie Doll

A woman was taken to ER with a Barbie Doll that was stuffed up her vagina.  FEET FIRST!!

9.  Dumbbell

A Kentucky woman was found to have a 3 pound dumbbell inside her vagina.  When asked why the lady said she was using it to strengthen her pelvic muscles after giving child-birth. For goodness sake invest in some kegel balls.

10. An Apple

A lady had put on a show for her husband in Mississippi putting carrots and cucumbers inside her vagina.   Finally she put an apple inside her and could  not get it out leading to a trip to the Choctaw County Hospital.

I can’t tell you why women put these things inside their vaginas but at least it serves one good purpose, it is very funny to read about! People placing thing’s inside their bodies is a common occurrence and the emergency rooms all over the world have the unfortunate job of recovering these objects. Buying and using a sex toy is your safest bet!


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