10 Of The World’s Most High-Tech Vibrators And Dildos

If you’re shopping for a sex toy, you will need to know the difference between a dildo and a vibrator. Vibrators and dildos come in different sizes, shapes and functionalities. In fact, thanks to advancements in technology there are vibrators available that you may not have known existed! Do you really know what the difference and which one is best for you? Well, this free sex toy guide will help you select the right choice.


Vibrators can be used during solo masturbation to stimulate the clitoris, the g-spot, u-spot and a-spot. It can also be used to warm up during foreplay. When buying a vibrator women will need to consider the following functionalities:

  • Level of power: How strong do you need the pleasurable stimulation to be?
  • How long the battery lasts: Do you have a personal preference to how long you need the sex toy to run for?
  • How to the Vibrator is powered: Vibrators can be powered by batteries, corded and rechargeable.
  • Vibrator material: You will need to choose a vibrator that is free of toxic materials and safe to use on the body. You will need to consider whether you have allergies to certain types of materials and choose a sex toy that your body is compatible with.
  • Other features: Some vibrators are able to warm up before and during use which is an incredibly experience for people who enjoy temperature play or for people who would like to stay warm to build up a perfect orgasm.

Vibrators For The Clitoris

There are sex toys made for external stimulation which are known as clitoral ticklers, bullet vibrators, personal massagers and body wands. Clitoral ticklers and bullet vibrators are used for pinpoint stimulation of the clitoris whereas personal massagers and body wands are made for a larger area of stimulation which includes the labia.  These vibrators are made to fit into the palm of your hand for ease of use.

Vibrators For The G-Spot And A-Spot

There are vibrators made to stimulate the G-Spot and/or the A-Spot. These sex toys include straight vibrators, G-Spot vibrator and rabbit vibrators.

How Vibrators Have Changed Over Time

Many years ago, vibrators were made perfectly straight, they used a few CC batteries and costed an excess of 50 bucks. These vibrators now are not even worth half that. This is because we expect more from our sex toys every year due to the advancements in technology and production.

In the past few years we have noticed a whole new trend which places a huge importance on the quality of the sex toy’s design. Sex toys are now made carefully with a great attention to detail towards functionality, longevity and aesthetic appeal.

LELO, one of the most popular sex toy brands had set the standard for high quality products. They were generally considered to manufacture the highest quality sex toys in the world. Countless other sex toy brands have followed in pursuit.

Vibrator Brands With New Technology

We-Vibe’s We-Connect Application

We-Vibe have designed a couple’s vibrator named the “We-Vibe 4 Plus” which is worn by the woman during penetrative sex. What is amazing about this product is that We-Vibe have developed an application that can be downloaded on mobiles with Google and Apple operating systems. The We-Connect app allows the sex toy to be paired up with a mobile so that it can remotely controlled from almost anywhere in the world.

Use Smartphone with We-Vibe Application
Image: We-Connect Remote Control Application

Swan’s Vibrators Made With Seamless Silicone

Swan are well known for creating a sex toy range which is made from seamless silicone which allows 100% of the product area to be used for stimulation.

Swan Silhouette
Image: Swan Silhouette

MysteryVibe Crescendo With 6 Independent Motors

MysteryVibe have created a vibrator named Crescendo which can be bent into a multitude of different curved shapes. It is made with 6 independent motors that are stacked one top of the other.

MysteryVibe Crescendo Sex Toy Photo
Image: MysteryVibe Crescendo

Other Vibrator Brands With Different Types Of Stimulation

  • L’amourose: L’amarouse have developed a sex toy range that can heat up to a comfortable 42 degrees.
  • Satisfyer and Womanizer: Satisfyer and Womanizer have designed some of the world’s most successful oral sex toys that suck on the clitoris.
  • Fun Factory: Fun Factory have invented and patented Stronic Technology which makes the sex toy pulsate with a thrusting movement that mimics the act of penetrative sex. It is a great sex toy to try if you would like to enjoy some hands-free and realistic feeling stimulation. The sex toys within this range currently include the Stronic Eins, Stronic Zwei and Stronic Drei.
  • Hot Octopuss: Hot Octopuss have created a sex toy known as the Queen Bee which uses PulsePlate Technology. PulsePlate uses oscillations to stimulate the clitoris with a plate that moves in a back and forth motion.


Dildos are an extremely popular sex toy. They can be made with phallic design that looks and feels like a realistic penis or they can be made with a non-phallic ergonomical design that works for pinpoint stimulation of the G-Spot and/or A-Spot.

Hard Dildos

There are dildos made with a hard surface that is smooth and can be detailed with textured ribbing. They can made with material like plastic, metal, glass, plexiglass and wood.

Flexible Dildos

There are dildos made with a flexible structure. They can be made with material like silicone, rubber and jelly.

Rubber And Jelly Materials

In the past dildos were mass produced and were made out of rubber and jelly materials that contained phthalates which are toxic for the body. Phthalate was used to make the dildo soft, clear and flexible, which is what people wanted at the time. Phthalate was also responsible for the slow disintegration of the toy.

UR3 Materials

Sex toy manufacturers then used UR3 materials to make dildos. UR3 is the same kind of materials used in masturbators. It is prized for their softness, but the issue with this material is that it is porous. Then silicone dildos came along. Durable, hygienic, and strong these dildos were the new kings of dildos, but they were still too hard and rigid. The demand was simple, more realistic but still hygienic and durable.

Dildo Brands With New Technoloy

Tantus And Doc Johnson

Tantus and Doc Johnson have made their products with dual density cores. These silicone toys mix a rigid core with a soft silicone outside – very similar to the silicone used by Fun Factory. The results are amazing, a realistic dildo which you could probably mistake in a blind test for a real penis. Tantus and Doc Johnson dual density dildos can be used for a variety of things. Firstly, for your standard dildo play – lube this up with a silicone safe lubricant and off you go to your hearts content. The flat base is also perfect to use with strap-ons for penetrative sex and can be used for realistic pegging.

Tantus Flurry Sex Toy Dildo
Image: Tantus Flurry

Fun Factory

Some Fun Factory vibrators feel just like a vibrating dildo and are extremely bendable to get into the hard to reach G-Spot and A-Spot! They are one of the most luxurious sex toy brands and their products come with a 2 year warranty because they are just that good!


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