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Develop your bedroom performance with Blewit to control the length and intensity of sex with your lover. Blewit's discreet pleasure and performance masturbator is densely lined with sensitive skin-soft bobbles for maximum stimulation plus stamina gains by training.

Select either the tight or extra-tight entry ring to tailor the level of suction for your session. Then grip the stylish non-slip case in either hand and train by building up to extended stretches on the higher intensities, then focus on developing core techniques for extending your lasting power. Not only does it feel amazing but within a few sessions you'll notice big gains in your longevity and technique with your lovers.

And when you're finished Blewit is easy to clean and dry. Simply rinse through and leave your Blewit to air dry through its ventilation holes. The ease of drying is one of our favourite features!

•Soft-textured lining simulates intercourse
•Use with a water-based lube every time
•Comes complete with interchangeable tightness rings to suit guys of most sizes
•Suction cap top - simply flick the switch to control internal pressure
•Ventilated base and dock for discreet in-case drying and powdering
•Size: internal length 8"
•Latex and Phthalate-free


Blewit is a sexual health and lifestyle company that understands men. The understand that the discussion about male sex and sexual health is often difficult and as such they have created a range of products that supplement male health and sexuality in a fun and informative way.

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Blewit! Masturbator Date Added: Thursday 05 May, 2016

by Anonymous

Pleasant, tight, sophisticated and clean. These are some of the words that come to my mind after meeting the "mind-blowingly" stroker developed by Blewit!. It's beautiful, it offers some interesting design features and it even smells good. Better than pussy, this type of product makes men's solo sessions much more pleasant.

Firstly, the packaging and the outer case design. They are beautiful, sophisticated and very discreet. At first sight, nobody would think that this is a masturbator. After removing the tap on the side meant to insert the penis, one an choose between the standard tight ring or the extra tight ring. The material inside has a fresh scent and feels really soft, like real skin. The whole is very tight for maximum feeling, and the the outer case features a quick-flip suction control on the opposite end to avoid big air bubbles during use.

The inner texture is super sensitive with a hexagon frame. After use, cleaning is really easy because both ends can be opened so that water can go through the toy and come out. Moreover, one doesn't need to wait for it to dry up before closing the tap and storing. The case offers an easy-dry ventilator on the cap.

It can be used with any waterbased lubricant and it includes a long stick to spread the lubricant inside along the toy.

Like I said, pleasant, tight, sophisticated and clean.

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