Black Panther Male Delay Spray

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Is the best selling Japan male anti premature ejaculation product. Black Panther delay spray is your secret weapon in restoring confidence and lasting longer to totally satisfy your partner. Extend your performance by 30 minutes or more!


Black Panther Delay Spray gives you control over your passion.

This product does not contain anesthetic compounds but natural herbs that will enhance penis size and delay ejaculation. Your sexual encounters may last 20 to 40 minutes longer after using this product for a week.


It is specially designed for:

  • To make you last longer so you can satisfy your passion
  • From natural plant ingredients, friendly and mild, no discomfort
  • No numbness, glans maintains sensitivity, gives stronger pleasure during ejaculation
  • Can be used during oral sex, no weird taste or numbness
  • Helps treat premature ejaculation


This Product is sold as a novelty only.


Pheromones and delay sprays are an under rated part of intimacy. They can improve confidence, performance and sexual prowess. Here, you’ll find a collection of erection enhancers and sprays that will suit you and help you perform like the tiger you want to be in the bedroom. Affordable, and quality colognes and performance sprays now available

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Black Panther Male Delay Spray Date Added: Tuesday 23 December, 2014

by Troy, Bondi

Black Panther delay spray I have read about in numerous forums and articles but this is the first time I have seen it available in Australia so jumped at the chance to try it out. All the hype about it being the number one selling delay spray in Japan and that the new and improved version 2 spray just kept getting these amazine and positive reviews.
The main difference that everyone quotes as being the kicker for me is that this delay spray DOES NOT NUMB THE PENIS. That's right all these other sprays work on the assumption that if you de-sensitize the penis it will allow you to delay ejaculation under the surmise that if you dont feel it, its not going to make you cum.
For me however, this sucks. I love to feel each and every stroke, Why do I want to numb the effect of sex. The whole reason I am having sex is so that I (and my partner) enjoy it. I can think of nothing worse than having a numb dick and then going through the motions of sex without really feeling it. In saying that though I also feel bad when I cum before my lover without satisfying her. A no-win - no-win situation.
Well, Black Panther has changed that to a win-win situation. I can now feel every sensuous part of my lovers anaotomy and even be inside her enjoying warm and wet feelings without suffering from the dreaded premature ejaculation problems of the past. This wonderful oil that is made up of 100% natural ingredients performs like a wizard turning me into a sexual super-hero.
Now I do not worry about blowing my load before my lover is even into full straddle and I can explore multiple sexual positions as I last much longer. It has improved my self-esteem and sexual ability and awareness to no end...and for what. One of these tubes gives you about 30 applications so do the math. For under $1 you can increase your sexual prowess. Now to me that is a bargain.
Recently I have been jumping up and down like a rabbit so it is not a true indication but before I was having sex maybe once a week if I was lucky - so assuming I go back to that state one tube will last me for more than half a year. Half a year of sexual happiness for $25 has to be the bargain of the year.
So the way I use it is to apply it to my penis about 20 minutes before sex. It is quite a nice feel when it is on and can be used with lubes etc after that time. So not sure if you are reading this or already ordering the Black Panther delay spray but if you are still reading do yourself a favour and click buy now!!!

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