Bijoux Indiscrets Body Powder

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Body Powder, Sex Pheromones, Sex Perfumes, Bath Intimate and Fragrances, Bijoux Indiscrets

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Perfumed body powder with the exclusive fragance of Bijoux Indiscrets.

Wild Strawberry


Shimmery powder scented with enigmatic hints of aphrodisiac.

A moon spell that contains the essence of night, the gleam of silver and the suggestive scent of the Bijoux Indiscrets fragrance.

Contents: Perfumed body powder with the exclusive fragance of Bijoux Indiscrets.

Sunset Glow

At dusk, keep the golden glow of the sun’s last rays on your skin and allow him to take delight in the sweetest of kisses.

Contents: Shiny kissable body powder with caramel flavour. 

Dark Chocolate

tasty glitter to illuminate the spots where your lover’s lips and your skin, come together.

The aphrodisiac intensity of chocolate fuses together with notes of invigorating citrus in this sensuous body powder.

Contents: Kissable body powder with dark chocolate and citrus flavour.


Bijoux Indiscrets is a trailblazing company in the market of erotica and sensual products. From the time it was founded in 2006, in Barcelona, the brand has achieved position as a European and worldwide leader in the sector; and it’s currently present in over 40 countries all over the world.

Bijoux Indiscrets features a wide range of sensual accessories, erotic cosmetics, and intimate toys designed by women for women, with the purpose of empowering women, lighting up the passion and creating unforgettable moments of pleasure.  Current lines are Maze, Magnifique, Desir Metallique, Poeme Body Painting, Vinyl Masks, Petits Bonbons, Skin Jewelry, Love Cosmetics, Boudoir Essentials, Burlesque Pasties, Instruments of pleasure, 21 Vibrating Diamond, Accessories of Passion, Flash Nipple Pasties.




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