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The Beppy Tampon is a soft and string-free tampon unlike others. The big advantage of the Beppy is the freedom that you get during your period. You can wear it while love making without feeling it! As it traps all the body fluids you won't even notice that you are having your period. It is the best alternative of the regular sanitary pads/tampons. Being super soft and squishy, it is comfortable to wear and will adjust to your body's shape easily.

The ergonomically shaped Beppy tampon is easy to insert and sits so well that you won't even feel it. Several dermatological and clinical tests have proven that the Beppy causes no irritation and is safe to use.


  • Wet Sponge - Lactagel for Easy Insert (Easy In)
  • Handy Loop for Grip (Easy Out)
  • Comfortable Fit Due to Its Super Squishy Texture
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Wear Up to 8 Hours



The Beppy tampon was developed by gynecologists and is a luxury product that has no strings, is soft and comfortable and last up to 8 hours.  You can feel safe to go swimming or maybe have a sweat in the sauna, great to wear during sports or having sex.  That’s right the beppy tampons will allow you to have sex during your periods and now with the revolutionary beppy female condom have it safely as well.



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