Behind Closed Doors Secret Encounters

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His and Hers Scratch Off Cards

Secret Encounters is a collection of playful scratch off cards to lure you and your lover into a variety of new passionate adventures.

How to Play:  Scratch-off the top of the keyhole to reveal activities for him to perform on her.  Scratch off the bottom to reveal activities for her to perform on him.  Once both activities have been performed, make love using the position shown on the reverse side of the card.

Contents: 36 Steamy Cards for Couples


Little Genie Productions have been in business for over 18 years and have become a brand name that encourage playful and fun times either in intimate moments or as party favors.  Tiffany Lysene is the owner of the company and has shown unparalleled drive to ensure that the consumer gets what they want with her standing behind every product that they produce, develop and send to market. Pushing the envelope of passion and fun Little Genie Novelties charges ahead creating consistently premium products for party goers and couples.

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