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What makes the Bathmate Hydromax set to be unique and popular is the convenience that the pump has. Not only has it been designed as an exceptionally powerful pump, but it has been designed with convenience in mind. The ability to use this hydropump with water in the shower makes it an incredibly powerful and versatile pump that doesn't require much time outside of a normal daily routine, because using it int he shower can be considered part of that routine.



To assist with that convenience, the folks at Bathmate have tried to make it even easier for you. The wet and wild fun that you have in the shower with your bathmate can now be had with a shower strap. It has been specifically designed to assist your hand free session using your Bathmate Hydromax or Bathmate Hydropumps in the shower. The nylon strap is adjustable and hangs around your neck while the hard plastic ring helps take the weight off. The fine crafting of this products surely sets it apart from its competitor.


This product is specifically designed with materials to be used in shower. The strap is made of canvas. It is adjustable with a plastic ring that can be slide into when the manhood is in the mood. The fine crafting of this products surely sets it apart from any of its competitors through its simplicity and versatility.


Bathmate is a premium male enhancement pump. Using a revolutionary technique for penis pumping, this UK designed pump has proven to be one of the best male pumping tools in the world. The use of water as part of the process is what makes the Bathmate and Hydromax pumps stand out from the crowd. This is a world renowned company that has dedicated themselves to making the process of increasing your penis size to be as easy as going to the gym. The Hydromax Bathmate range has become one of the most popular pumping systems with dedicated users all over the world

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