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The bathmate Hercules was one of the first pumps that bathmate ever brought out, and there's a reason why there's been no changes done to it. It's a classic, well thought out piece that does the job of penis enlargement perfectly. Comfortable, easy to use and convenient, the Hercules Pump that started the Hydromax revolution is still one of the most sought after pumps from their range. 


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Experience the bestselling mens sex toy Bathmate series. This awesome penis pump comes in various fantastic colours including brilliant red, aqua blue and crystal clear. It has been designed to be used with one hand to increase the penis size in both length and girth. If you suffer from arthritis or limited hand movement then this is the perfect pump for you, one handed it doesn't rely on tedious squeeze pumps or similar methods. Simply pull the cylinder towards you to activate the pump. Whether you are looking for effective solution for bent penis or just want it to be a little bigger, this product is a must have! It offers great value for money. Try and see what the rave reviews are all about!


In addition to providing you with a larger penis, regular use helps you keep your penis in top health, leading to harder, longer lasting erections and increased sexual satisfaction: a real boost to your self esteem and sexual confidence.


 Bathmate is a premium male enhancement pump. Using a revolutionary technique for penis pumping, this UK designed pump has proven to be one of the best male pumping tools in the world. The use of water as part of the process is what makes the Bathmate and Hydromax pumps stand out from the crowd. This is a world renowned company that has dedicated themselves to making the process of increasing your penis size to be as easy as going to the gym. The Hydromax Bathmate range has become one of the most popular pumping systems with dedicated users all over the world

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Bathmate Hercules Date Added: Sunday 23 July, 2017

by Anonymous

It actually works. Way better than air pumps. Feels incredible. Doesn't automatically come with a shower sling which I found dissappointing and I need a size larger but it still works for the time being.

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