Basic Essentials Ridged Softee

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Basic Essentials, Whisper Quiet, Multi Speed, Wireless, 2 x AA batteries

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Basic Essentials Ridged Softee Vibrator

Despite its 5 inch length, the Pink Basic Essentials Ridged Softee acts like a big player with its 1.75 inch width. You will find the intense massagers in this little package will bring you to screaming pleasure. The shaft has a natural curve to fit into the natural fit of your vagina. The ridged shaft will bring the vibrations into your deepest core. The tip vibrations will transmit pleasure into your G-spot.

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The result of this is pleasure like you have never experienced before. In a pretty pink exterior, this vibrator will easily fit into your purse or bag for an overnight trip. You can even take it wherever you want to have easy pleasure. Take the Pink Basic Essentials Ridged Softee for a spin and see if it gives you the pleasure, you deserve. This little vibrator uses two AA batteries to keep the vibrators running at top speed.


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