Barbarella's Thigh and Arms Restraints

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Barbarella's Thigh and Arms Restraints


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Limb restraints are physical restraints that are applied to a person's arms or legs or both. The application of limb restraints on both arms and legs at once is sometimes known as a four-point restraint As a medical tool restraints generally soft and are used to ensure that a patient (often mental) is prevented from causing injury to themselves or to protect others.


When used in bondage play they will give the person restrained a powerless and submissive feeling placing full trust to their dominant partner or master. Bondage role playing often will bring couples closer together.



Adjustable Thigh Length 50cm Cuffs 21.5cm Width 8cm

Adjustable Body Harness Length 70cm Width 11-17cm Arms Binder 27cm Width 8cm


Quality bondage gear can often be hard to find. That’s where BDStyle comes in. They’re a company that recognizes a variety of different fetishes including male and female chastity devices, penis plugs, restraints and bondage gear. Designed by BDSM experts this is a company that has the ability to produce fetish gear at reasonable prices. Get your gear from this trusted manufacturer

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