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Jelly Mystique Vibe is a simple and effective vibrator by which you can get the amazing stimulations. It is Phthalates-free, made of skin-friendly soft materials. It is available in red color. Due to its sheer smoothness, it will give you wonderful sensations while rubbing it into your G-spots. It has a shaft like shape at the upper part and a twist cap at the bottom. After insertion, you will feel like the real shaft, which will give you the sensational feelings. You can use it by yourself or along with your lover. 


Feel the sensational stimulation by using a simple and effective sex toy, Jelly Mystique Vibe!Superb quality soft and anti-bacterial materials are used to make it. You can also add up sex lubes and jelly for natural moist. This will help you for painless and joyful insertion. You can rub it into your erogenous zones until you get an exhaustive, powerful and mind-blowing orgasm. It is available in various sizes and you can choose custom size according to your specific needs and requirements.


Aphrodisia Sex Toys have toys for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a female vibrator, a male prostate toy, or something in between – these guys have you covered. An extensive range that will fit any sized budget, Aphrodisisa is owned and managed by the Howell Corporation who have been producing sex toys for some of the worlds biggest names and companies. This range represents their entry into the market and you’ll be hard pressed to find as good a quality ‘home brand’ style vibrator or sex toy anywhere else in the world. Experience quality and affordable vibrators today

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