Aphrodisia Bulb G-Tickle With Clitoral Stim

Jelly Bulb G-Tickler


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A simple variation of the rabbit style vibrator. This one will keep you entertained all night long.


You will never get bored with the Bulb massaging your clit till it gorges with excitement, dilating your womanhood in anticipation of the gorgeous release.  The soothing and relaxed effect afterwards as you take in the warm glow that surrounds you relieving all streses and worries from the day. 10 Function G-Spot Jelly Vibrator



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Aphrodisia Bulb G-Tickle With Clitoral Stim Date Added: Wednesday 20 April, 2016

by Anonymous

Okay first off i would like to start the review with once again reminding everyone how i am not a fan of jelly toys, and that for a toy to be jelly and for me to write a review about it.. It has to be good. So this review is on an Aphrodisia product known as the G Tickle with Clitoris Teaser.

The G Tickle with Clitoris Teaser to be completely honest is an amazing toy but however you do get what you pay for. Priced at $39.99 this toy is generally a toy that you buy for short term keep 1. because it is jelly and 2. because the quality of the production of this product. Now lets talk about the fun bit that make this toy worth every single dollar.

The G which i will be referring to it as has a shaft with a ball sort of ending, like the medieval mace. Just don't picture it like that because it will be a very traumatic experience then, see it as a squishy jelly! Now the thing that caught my attention with this toy is that it's clitoral teaser is actually flat, so once it is inserted instead of being like a rabbit, the flat base will be pushing onto the clitoris providing a strong amount of pressure and of course with the 10 functions, a whole lot of vibrations.

This toy is great for stimulating new partners who are there to experiment yet you don't need to completely invest in a high price, high quality product. It's also great for weekend's away when toys are off limits in the house, and a fantastic little gift for a friend's birthday

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