Aphrodisia Ball Banger Cock Ring with 3 Stimulation Balls

Prolong Erection, Clitoral Stimulator, Testicle Stimulator, Super Stretchy Silicone


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This is the cock ring for the man that loves stimulation on his balls whilst he's having sex or engaging in some sexual activity. Slap this ring on and watch the sensual balls stroke your balls till they're ready to drop their load.


You want to please your woman and you want to please yourself. Well that is easy with this 3 ball banger cockring. The cockring part keeps your penis hard and prolongs your ejaculation, and the 3 balls provide ball stimulation! What a great way to end the day with ball stimulation and prolonged sex!


This cock ring is a servant to all of mankind, females and males. It serves females by keeping their man's erection alive and pumping, which allows them to have prolonged ejaculation. It serves males as it's 3 balls hanging from the bottom are used for ball stimulation allowing them to have the sensation whenever the balls hit their testicals! Perfect sex, fair sex!

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Pleasing a woman is not as easy as it looks. Here is the toy you guys shouldn’t miss out on. The Ball Banger Cockring will help you fulfill her wildest dreams. The 3 balls hanging from the cock ring will serve as stimulator for the balls. The cock ring itself will help keep it up longer for as long as she wants it to be. This nifty device also prolongs ejaculation so don’t spoil her excitement and keep her dreams alive.

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