Ansell Zero Uber Thin Condoms

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Ansell, Uber Thin Condoms


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This is Ansells thinnest condom. Ever.Manufactured in Japan using a proprietary technology, these amazing condoms are less than 0.05mm thin for the ULTIMATE in sensation! They're so thin, you could say that they round down to... ZERO!


They are in a straight form design. Now it should be noted that these condoms have a smaller nominal width than regular condoms due to their thinness, so double check the sizing and what you're used to as they do come in a larger size.


Smooth 52mm Nominal Width.


Remembering, it's no thin unless it's uber-thin.

When you want the thinnest condom on the market without compromising your safe sex try the Uber Thin Zero Condoms from Ansell Australia.  Seriously these raincoats for the penis are only .05 of a mm thick.  So forget the rest and try the best from Lifestyle condoms.


Ansell is about enjoying an adult lifestyle, and as such they create a range of sexual health and pleasure products. From condoms to lubricant, this global juggernaut puts protection and pleasure at the front of their minds and they deliver products to do just that. Ansell Products undergo stringent testing to ensure their commitment to health and safety. With popular and well-known brands such as skyn, blowtex, lifestyles, kam sutra and Manix under their belt you can rest assured that Ansell know what they’re doing.



ARTG Listing Number: 138592


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