Aneros Sessions Lubricant

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Personal Lubricant, Water-based, Glycerin Free, Paraben Free


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Aneros’ own specially formulated water-based personal lubricant. This lubricant has been made to specifically handle prostate and anal stimulation. This water based lubricant is thicker and more durable than other water based lubricants, and will handle the majority of activities for intimate play.


Glycerin and paraben freee - you can rest assured that the nasty chemicals have been taken out of this one meaning that not only is it chemical free, but that its hypoallergenic and non stainining.


- Latex, Rubber and Plastic Friendly

- Compatible with Silicone Toys

- Fragrance and Flavour Free

- Forumlated to Emulate Your Body's Natural Lubrication

- Never Sticky or Tacky

- 4 oz (118ml)


Why not try the wonderful world of Aneros Sex Toys that are made to expand the sexual horizon of the everyday man. Specializing in prostate massagers that are all patented and designed for hands-free use by simply using the contractions of your own muscles. Now, to supplement your working out prostate sessions, Aneros has brought out a sensual waterbased lubricant specially made for anal play, and for use with Aneros prostate massagers.

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