Aneros For Him Progasm Jr.

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The Progasm Jr. may be "Junior" in name, but its size relative to Progasm is the only thing "Junior" about it. The Jr. incorporates the same design elements of the Progasm into a more compact shape, making it ideal for regular use. The Jr. is a great choice for men who love the Progasm Classic design but favor more movement.

  • Tip Width: 1 15/16 inches
  • Mid-Ridge Width: 15/16 inches
  • Stem to Perineum Distance: 1 3/4 inches
  • Insertable Length: 4 inches


The perfect introduction to unisex anal play, Progasm jnr continues the Aneros Sex Toys tradition of intelligent design. You’ve never experienced an anal toy like this before because there’s never been anything like it. By utilizing the body’s natural responses after insertion, The Peridise begins to quiver on its own, generating an orgasmic response that can stand alone or enhance a traditional orgasm.

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Aneros For Him Progasm Jr. Date Added: Friday 03 October, 2014

by Shmidt, Whyalla

Some of you may now be wondering what all these hullabaloo concerning the aneros progasm Jr is about. However, to some avid fans and users like me, this is among the most advanced sexual stimulators if not the best. Having been an avid user for more than 5 years, I got to confess that it is the best that I have ever come across.
Even though we are modeled differently and what may be my best may be your medicine, I got no doubt that you are not going to find any problem with this one of its kind product. To me, the use of this device was my greatest experience, and came nothing short of pure sensation, complete sexual stimulation and the need of wanting more and more.
To begin with, this device specifically designed to give you the much desired pleasurable prostate orgasm, out-of-the-world intimacy combined with a new twist to your love making stories. This globally recognized male sex toy is technologically designed to give its users an enjoyable alternative through its advanced features that are mainly focused on stimulation. Its compactly sized design comes with a Kundalini tab (K tab) and a round Perineum tab (P tab), which are crucial in adding the complimentary sensation to the prostate while stroking back and forth or up and down. Its other features such as the smooth glass-like feel and 3.6 inches long are a great addition to give you a super orgasm whether you are and avid user just like me or you are new to it.
Having used the now common progasm classic, I was somehow tensed when buying this device. This was because I had prevailed over the larger progasm classic and was wondering whether the smaller device would be satisfactory. My fears were immediately diminished when I had my first experience with it as it was purely amazing and took my sexual stimulation and intimacy to another heightened level. Even though it required about a week or so time to develop the muscles through continuous training, I have to admit that it was the best in bringing out multiple prostate orgasms.After ordering the device for about $60 from an online website, I could easily use the device to achieve a more pleasurable and intense orgasms than the actual sexual intercourse as it sent the sensational stimulation all over my body.
I have to admit that this male sex toy was specifically designed to take the meaning of sexual pleasure to a whole new height, and not just the normal sexual climax and ejaculation of semen that are experienced during these common sexual and oral intercourse. The device was simple to use and just required a liberal application of lubricant combined with an open state of mind. It was perfectly comfortable after inserting it as I was already accustomed to the contractions. Lying on my side, it took about 30 minutes to receive orgasm, though this may vary from individual to individual. All the same the use of aneros progasm Jr was superb and gave me something totally different from traditional orgasms as I did not require any refraction or recovery period.
To this end, I highly recommend this product to those who want to reach their intimacy peak.

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