Aneros for Him Peridise Set (4 Pack)

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The Peridise Complete Set contains four different sized anal tools from 22mm to 16mm.  As your skill and strength increases you'll have the smaller diameter waiting for you to experience more exquisite pleasure.  By stimulating a persistaltic response, your orgasms will take on a whole other dimension.


- Scientifically and anatomically designed
- Hands-free for use alone or with a partner
- For both men AND women
- Great for beginners and advanced users 


The perfect introduction to unisex anal play, Peridise continues the Aneros Sex Toys tradition of intelligent design. You’ve never experienced an anal toy like this before because there’s never been anything like it. By utilizing the body’s natural responses after insertion, The Peridise begins to quiver on its own, generating an orgasmic response that can stand alone or enhance a traditional orgasm.

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Aneros for Him Peridise Set (4 Pack) Date Added: Tuesday 27 June, 2017

by Anonymous

These things are great when you push down on them, they really tighten the sphinchter.

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Aneros for Him Peridise Set (4 Pack) Date Added: Thursday 27 October, 2016

by Anonymous

Quite a nifty set actually. When I bought em I thought they were going to be too small but after reading the instructions it is all about the sphincter closing on them. Pretty awesome really. Proves size sometimes doesn't matter.

Rating: <span itemprop="rating">5</span> of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
Aneros for Him Peridise Set (4 Pack) Date Added: Saturday 02 April, 2016

by Nick, Penrith

The Peridise is made of rigid plastic and they are completely unisex, you can easily use these alone or during couple play, these toys as I mentioned are made of plastic so they have no flexibility in them at all.
These are completely battery, vibration free and rely purely on your own body.How they work is they’re self-propelled and as mentioned before they’re unisex now the reason I state this again is because they’re not meant for prostate orgasms (although they can be used for this), they’re actually used for something called “Peristaltic” Orgasms ( I had not heard of this before, don’t mind googling it I’ll explain here :D ) “is a radially symmetrical contraction and relaxation of muscles that propagates in a wave down a tube, in an anterograde direction.”

I’ve seen tons of mixed reviews online and the reason I think a lot are negative is because they are using these like any other anal toy, however, you actually use your PC muscles to slightly pull them in (kind of like kegal excercises) and take grasp of the Peredise and your anus muscles will involuntarily start to tense and relax over and over and over again basically massaging the nerve endings inside of you, as your PC muscles are trying to grasp this object and move it along inside of you they end up becoming “FRUSTRATED” causing your body to have Peristaltic Orgasms and Contractions which leads to a full body feeling which can be enjoyed by any gender.

Also something which is medically certified I found while searching through these items and also the term Peristaltic is that it can actually keep Haemorrhoids and Constipation away by strengthening your muscles so if you have experienced these types of ailments maybe give these a go.

The total length of the Peredise (Paradise, Peristaltic ….maybe its a mixture of the words, I’d like to think so) is 4 Inches with 3 and a half inches for insertable use and can be worn for extended periods of time thanks to the handy dandy handle.

I’d give this 9/10 honestly due to it’s functions, I sincerely regret that I have never used this product before and perhaps once I do it will gain the 10th point.

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