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Get penis enlargement by using the Andro Penis extender that works on traction principle.  The Andropenis is FDA Registered and also has the Australian ARTG Health Certificate.  Designed by doctors as an alternative to surgery or medication with GUARANTEED Penis Enlargement Results.  It works using the same principle as African tribe ladies that elongate their neck uisng rings or Islanders that enlarge their lips using plates.


Be prepared for the long haul as results are not instantaneous and maximum extension occurs around the 6 month mark.  Grow your member with the 33-piece Gold Andro Penis Extender Kit.

The Andro-Penis Extender is based on the principle of traction. It is classified as a Type 1 Medical Device, and holds the European Health Certification (CE). The device is composed of a plastic ring connected to two dynamic metal rods, a plastic support and a silicone band that holds the glans in place. It is a European device, which can be easily worn and taken off.   It is very discreet and comfortable. You can wear it while walking, sitting, standing, whatever.

Andro-Penis? is a medical device for Penis Enlargement. It is the most SUCCESSFUL penis enlargement system ever developed! It is based on the principle of traction. It is classified as a Type 1 Medical Device, and holds the European Health Certification (CE).  It is composed of a plastic ring connected to two dynamic metal rods, a plastic support and a silicone band that holds the glans in place. It is a European device, which can be easily worn and taken off. It is very discreet and comfortable.

You can wear it while walking, sitting, standing, and so on.The purpose of this treatment is to stimulate the growth of the tissues of the penile shaft. 
The device is worn in the flaccid state for a period of either 4 or 9 hours a day obtaining an accumulative growth of 0.5cm per month. It should be worn for a period of 4-6 months depending on the growth desired. The centimeters gained will last a lifetime. "RESULTS" Permanent lengthening of the penis of 3 to 4 cm in erection. One inch equals 2.5cm. Also 3 to 4 cm in flaccidity.

And a thickening of 1 cm in girth. There is a correction of 70% in penile deviations or curvatures. The treatment will last 6-8 months. "SCIENTIFIC STUDIES"Prestigious scientific studies presented at international conventions prove the efficiency of the Andro-Penis.
International medical magazines have published articles about the Andro-Penis and its results."GUARANTEES"Andro-Penis, is classified as a Medical device Type 1 by the European Health Authorities and has the CE mark.

Andromedical is ISO 9001:2000 quality certified and ISO 13485:2003 medical devices certified.

2 x Androcomfort Bands - These are silicone bands with a flat middle piece. Pressure is spread over a larger area making it more comfortable to wear.
2 x Androtop for Androcomfort Bands - A piece of foam which is wrapped around the Androcomfort Band to reduce strangulation.
2 x Androsilicone Bands - Silicone pieces of tubing which are inserted into the upper plastic support piece to fasten the penis onto the device.
2 x Androtop for Androsilicone Bands - A foam piece which is wrapped around the Androsilicone Band for comfort.
2 x Androring - Works similar to a collar, it is placed where the shaft connects with the glans. It basically acts as a protective cushion.
20 x Extension Rods - These are of varying length and are used as spares with your extender as you grow larger.

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Andropenis Extender Kit Gold Date Added: Friday 27 November, 2015

by James, Windsor

I have yet to meet a man that does not want a bigger penis. Research shows us 9 out of 10 men think they are less than average in the size department. Whilst most women are happy with the size of there partners penis he is not and this can lead to lack of self esteem and therefore lack of sex drive. This can put stress on the relationship and can easily be fixed.However the Andro penis is for just more than a bigger penis. It is a medical device. You can correct a curved penis (Peyronie's disease). By using the Andro Penis to correct curvature has the added benefit to naturally put the strength back into your penis. Regular use has been proven to correct a bent or curved penis by encouraging new and straight growth. This is achieved safely due to the natural principal of traction.The Andro penis claims to be the only device that is certified in Australia.They offer a 6 moth money back guarantee and lifetime warranty on the device.Based on proven medical principles of traction the andro penis works by encouraging the penile tissues to start growing again by stretching and rebuilding the suspensory ligament which decides the mans genital length. This is the same ligament that is cut in penis enlargment surgery. Andropenis gives growth in both length and girth in both erect and flaccid states.If a bigger or straighter penis is not enough, research has shown that in some men impotence has been reversed after a few weeks. Users have reported there erection quality is much better as they have not only bigger erections but they are also harder thus resulting in longer lasting sex. This is an important feature to those men who suffer with premature ejaculation problems , and those who find it hard to get fully erect,The standard gold kit extends from 2" to 10". It can be used under loose clothing and whilst doing light activitiesPenis size increase's can start to be be noticed at around the 7 day mark in the flaccid state, whilst increases in length and thickness of the erect penis can start to be noticed at around 14 to 21 days. However for the best results it depends on how much the individual customers want to put into it. For fast penile growth and or curvature it is recommended using the device 1-4 hrs per day up to 5 days a week until you have achieved your desired gain. However there is nothing to stop you wearing it every day for long periods of time. However you must loosen the device every 2 hrs in order to let the blood flow back into the penis Customers ask Why not buy a pump, pills, lotions, potions or weights they are cheaper.There is no pill potion or lotion that will permanently increase the length and width of the penis. Yes you can temporarily think you are John Holmes howeverit will not stay that way. Pills are a quick short term effect and have there place. Pumps work. However it is like going to a gym work hard and get results stop going to the gym results go away. There is no muscle in the penis so there is really nothing to build there, Penis pumps were originally used for men who could not get a full erection and or have been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction or impotence.something I learnt from this is the following and thought would share as it is interesting and I have males tell me they stretch there penis with weights.Jelqing ExercisesAn unsafe and unproven technique is something called Jelqing exercises. Many people wrongly think the penis is made up of muscles which you can simply exercise. This is not true as there no muscles in the penile shaft. It is mainly made up of ligaments and spongy tissue. The basics of doing these penis exercises is to use your hands to "milk" the shaft to force blood into the penis chambers. There is a serious issue with using the forceful hand motions that Jelqing uses, the same can be said about similar techniques like hanging weights. These methods have been reported to cause scar tissue within the shaft and can become the cause of penis curvature due to a buildup of hard plaque or fibrocystic tissue. This is due to the penile tissues getting damaged because there is no way to measure or use a safe amount of force. There is simply no evidence to suggest that men can safely or effectively enlarge their penis using these crude Jelq exercise routines. There is not one medical or scientific study to prove penis length or width can be increased using this so called penis enlargement method.

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