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Numerous studies have shown that a non-surgical device, such as Androextender®, is the best male enhancement method when compared to drugs and herbal supplements. Androextender® is medically proven to increase penis size by up to 4 centimeters (1.6 inches). Also, unlike other male enhancement products, penis growth from Andropenis treatment is evident in both the erect and flaccid states.

As Andropenis, Androextender® is manufactured in accordance with very strict quality standards.
Androextender is based on the same principle used in Andropenis, but it has a soberer product packaging and is made of more lighter medical materials in order to make a more affordable product and a basic start-off solution.


Andropenis enlargement devices are created by the andromedical company. This company was founded by Dr. Gomez de Diego who holds a degree in medicine and surgery. Andropenis devices use the medically proven principle of traction to provide penile enhancement and ultimately create satisfactory results, they are quality medical devices and are medically certified. If you’re looking for a change without the expense of surgery, then you should definitely consider Andropenis enlargement devices

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