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Erection Health Monitor


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As a worldwide exclusive, Andromedical has created Androerectest, a compact home-useerectile health monitor, based on cutting-edge urological technology to help with erectile dysfunction.

Androerectest is the original medical gadget for the monitoring of an essential health marker; erectile quality. Andromedical erectile monitor is the only digital device on the market based on professional rigidometer medical device used by physicians and adapted for home use.

Androerectest provides data on penile hardness anderectile health by registering axial rigidity values. Whether you just want to satisfy your own curiosity or want to measure your objective erection quality in the privacy of your own home without having to deal with a physician, Androerectest is vital for keeping track of your sexual health.


Andropenis enlargement devices are created by the andromedical company. This company was founded by Dr. Gomez de Diego who holds a degree in medicine and surgery. Andropenis devices use the medically proven principle of traction to provide penile enhancement and ultimately create satisfactory results, they are quality medical devices and are medically certified. If you’re looking for a change without the expense of surgery, then you should definitely consider Andropenis enlargement devices

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