AFC Inflatable Silicone Plug

Adult Vibrator, Anal Inflatable, Lube Included, Toy Cleaner Included

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Our ultra-hygienic Elite Silicone™ is phthalate-free, hypoallergenic, and can be worn all day for long-lasting fun. Cleanup is a snap after the fun with the included Refresh Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner and warm water.

Every Anal Fantasy box features a FREE 5-Piece Prep Kit to help you ease into comfort and clean up afterwards. The kit includes 2 finger sleeves, anal desensitizing cream, anal lube, and toy cleaner.


If you're an advanced anal player, this Inflatable Silicone Plug is just what you need to take your anal stimulation to the extreme! Featuring a tapered tip to ease insertion, the Inflatable Silicone Plug can expand your rear to extreme new widths! It easily inflates with just a few squeezes of the medical-style pump ball, filling your anus with thick stimulation. Try filling yourself with the Inflatable Silicone Plug during other sexual stimulation and you'll cum harder than ever before!


Insertable Length (Deflated): 4.25 in. (10.8 cm)
Width (Deflated): 1.75 in. (4.4 cm)


Pipedreams Products brings you the Anal Fantasy Collection, this is your go to collection if you're beginning to explore the world of anal play, or even if you consider yourself to be experienced. Whether you're new to anal play, or an old hat, AFC will have you covered. It is a unique collection that focuses on Unisex items which can be used by individuals, and for couples. All the toys are designed with body safe materials which are pthalate-free, and hypoallergenic which means that they can be used when you're out and about as well for some all day stimulation. This collection from Pipedream has a variety of toys which include anal plugs, anal beads, ass probes and pretty much everything you can think of. 

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AFC Inflatable Silicone Plug Date Added: Saturday 05 December, 2015

by Charles, Mission Beach

AFC brought out a range of anal toys and the majority of them are quite good. The Silicone ass expander is one of my favourites though for several reasons. It's less than 3/4 quarter inch thick and as such it is perfect for anal beginners or trainers. This toy is an inflatable toy and there are several reasons why people would want an inflatable toy. For girls, a butt plug, or anal toy places pressure on the vaginal wall and makes it appear tighter. Not to mention that there can be a myriad of nerve endings in the anal cavity and pressure along these walls alone can be quite intense. For boys, an inflatable can place direct prssure on the prostate for intense prostate stimulation. Secondly, some people like the sensation of feeling 'full' yet are concerned about expanding the sphincter muscles or makiong them too ''loose''. An inflatable toy counters that, in particular this one. Whilst deflated it is incredibly small and won't place undue stress on the sphincter muscles, or cause them to stretch in any way. Whilst a toy like this is incredibly small, it is recommended that you use a lubricant for all inflatables. Either a slick waterbased lubricant, or superslyde for that extra smooth sensation.Once inserted, this toy can be pumped up slowly. You should probably play around with the toy before hand so you know how much pressure you can apply to the inflatable toy before it becomes unstable and poses a risk to someones insides. Also, to prevent the muscles from going into shock, it is advised that you release the air pressure slowly. The AFC Silicone Ass Expander has a silver release valve which you slowly twist to release the air pressure. Other inflatable toys have a button which releases the air. Make sure you do this carefully.Inflatable toys can also be used for stretching the sphincter muscles. And despite its size, the AFC silicone ass expander will do a great job. The sphincter muscles need practice in order to stretch, and if they're not continually being used or pushed, then they will retract to their normal size over time. The silicone ass stretcher will slowly expand these muscles in a safe way, at the direct control of the user. They don't have to have twelve different sized toys slowly increasing in width in order to achieve the same results. You can increment in much the same way as a tapered butt plug will. Due to the small size of this toy, and the fact that it expands up to a several inch width, it's a great stretching tool, as well as an awesome anal toy.

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