Wet Stuff Banana Lubricant

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Banana Flavored Lubricant

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Wet Stuff Banana Lubricant

Receive your just desserts when you use Wet Stuff Banana flavored lubricant, a sensuously delicious moisturizer used to promote intimacy between you and your partner. This truly indulgent and pleasing lubricant provides a one of a kind experience sure to enhance those close contact moments between you and your partner. The banana flavoring of this lubricant has a natural sweetness without the addition of sugar. In fact, Wet Stuff Banana does not contain sugar, color, or harsh chemicals. Couples enjoy the non-staining, easy cleanup provided by this unique colorless lube. When you are finished, simply wipe any remaining lube away with warm water. Keep in mind that Wet products do not contain spermicides, which means you must still use a condom to prevent pregnancy. Fortunately, Wet Stuff Banana is safe to use with latex condoms or you may also choose to use it with your favorite, sexy adult novelty toys.

Available in 100g and 270g.

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