Ultra 10 Bullet wirh Remote Control

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Ultra 10 Bullet wirh Remote Control

This mini vibrator for women gives you freedom and powerful pleasure for your sexually stimulating activity. This kit includes a torpedo style mini vibrator that is designed to be used by women, worn internally in the vagina. It can also be used externally to give clitoral and other erogenous zone stimulation. The tapered tip has a rounded point that can be used to give precise stimulation. This vibrator is in black, for universal appeal. There is a separate, wireless remote control that controls the vibration functions. There are an amazing 10 functions to discover and enjoy. Keep track of your fun with the high tech LCD screen. The mini vibrator has a loop cord for easy retrieval after use. There is also a noduled, textured soft silicone sleeve included with this set that you can slip over the smooth vibrator, transforming it into a different style that you can enjoy against your skin and internally. Batteries are included with this vibrator, so you can get started enjoying your sexual pleasure straight away. Use this either on your own for comfortable, solo sexual activity, or alternately hand the controller to your partner and lay back and enjoy the thrills. This vibrator set is so discreet you could even take pleasure beyond the bedroom and enjoy outdoors.

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