Tunnel Fuckplug 2 Medium

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Tunnel Fuckplug 2 Medium

Made of thick, smooth silicone, the TUNNEL fuckplug is our finest hole spreader yet. 

Unlike other hollow buttplugs, the TUNNEL won’t crumple or bend.

TUNNEL 2 – Medium

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Tunnel Fuckplug 2 Medium Date Added: Monday 04 January, 2016

by Gareth, Moroya

Oxballs specialised in high quality sex toys for men after achieving a moulding process which utilises a special blend of pure platinum silicone. The result is a thermoplastic rubber which is extremely stretchy (up to 3 times its original size) and can be molded into any design or sex toy to please everyone's fantasies. The material soft, comfortable and will mould to the body shape. It looks hot, it feels hot and it is totally safe.

Imagination is the only limitation. That's why there are products such as the Tunnel 2, a thick fuckplug designed to be inserted into the ass and spread it out. What for? to make it swallow every single drop - no waste - of spit, piss, lube, cum... or just to do long hours of gaping and gazing. Sounds appealing? The spherical head and tapered bottom ensure that once the plug is locked in, it can't go anywhere unless one pulls it out. The flared base also prevents it from getting completely into the rectum (which would be a risk).

The Tunnel 2 is also designed to do anal penetration and please the partner who tops. The inside is lined with raised ribbing that stimulates on the penis. It can be used with lubricants, preferably water based. As it is non porous , it will be very easy to clean with water and soap, or toy cleaner for a greater hygiene.

There are four sizes (small, medium, large and extra large). I would recommend users to start with a smaller one and challenge themselves with an upgrade every time.

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