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John Wilkenson was working the summer months at the Tri-Cities Moving & Storage Company warehouse in order to earn enough to pay for his college tuition.  From time to time the company sold off items left abandoned in its warehouse.  On a whim John bought a large telephone booth size crate left abandoned by the Acme Prop and Makeup Company.  Inside of this crate there was a machine designed to help actors by automatically applying make-up suitable for their roles, even for roles involving a change in sex, or "Trans-sexing" as the instruction book called it.

John's girlfriend decides that it is a great idea for him to try trans-sexing, just so long as she can take his place as a man.  Then she plans to make him pregnant and abandon him, taking the machine with her!

If you think she has a strange sense of humor, discover what she really plans to do him at the end!

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