TortureGarden Mouth Muffler

Say No More, Leather Mouth Muffler, Leather muffler, Fetish Fun, gardentorture

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When you want to keep your slave's mouth shut then this muffler is just for you.  In the torture garden place this over her head and no more words will come out of her mouth.  None of the incessant whining subs seem to always come up with.  What a treat!

Grab a potion or lotion to enhance the evening.

If you want to really stand out then grab mouth muffler.  Even if you are in a Dungeon Net you will still be seen.  So if exhibitionism is your scene and you dont mind a bit of BDSM fun, this product is definitely a goer for you.

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TortureGarden Mouth Muffler Date Added: Friday 15 March, 2013

by Anonymous,

Hey Man, brilliant

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