Tenga Egg Variety Pack New Season

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Tenga Egg Variety Pack New Season


You will love this - what a great idea. The latest in male masturbators from the ever kinky Japanese the Tenga Egg looks like an, er, egg, but does so much more. Simply crack open the Egg's hard outer shell and place the Egg inside the shell over your erection and pull down.


You will find that due to the amazing materials that make up the Tenga Egg, although the hole looks small, it will fit all sizes and will wrap around your penis with a tight, soft and realistic feeling. The Egg feels just like the real thing and it's so simple to use you have total control, slow strokes or a quickie. Up to you. Try it alone or bring it out as a surprise for your partner to play with.





Your ticket to Cloud 9!Lose yourself in this cloud of rebounding sensations - the thickest of TENGA EGGs yet!





Prepare for impact!Large, cratered nubs will stimulate from all angles for a tremulous,exhilarating experience!





Steamy mist of bliss!The microscopic nubs that adorn its walls create a veil of sensations for a gradual build-up and seamy finish!





A bright start to the day!Radiating ribs and a big central numb will put a gleaming smile on anyone's face!



With accentuated nubs for those surprise drops, see if you can control this gnarly ride!





 Electric invigoration! The big, strong vertical ribs that run up and down its interior, will provide thunderous sensations!



When you are after bestselling Tenga Masturbators the number one selling in Japan find the entire range at our online sex store.





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