Stake Out Penis Plug

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Out Stake Steel Ribbed Rod, Glans Ring With Ball

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Stake Out Penis Plug


Stake Out Cock Plug  is an insertable cockplug for the special stimulation of the male cock made of premium medical steel. From the first moment of the usage you will get new feelings in your urethra that the body will explore and reach new horizons.
These high quality cockplugs are a favorite of a lot of fetish fetish-lover.


If you select these plugs as slave, master or mistress you will enjoy it even more. Try using with cockplugs in your fetish-session and enjoy the stimulation.  A cock plug may make your urethral session last longer and imagine the added experience the pressure will deliver when experiencing and inside out orgasm!!


Material: Medical steel

Overall length: 95mm 

Insertable length: 70mm

Plug width: 8mm 

7 lines for additional stimulation 

Diameter ring: 28mm


This product is certified 100% Non-Magnate and medical-grade steel. Beware of cheaper products that are not solid surgical steel but chromed steel or poor quality surgical steel that contains Magnate. Magnate is the ingredient that makes steel rust. We will only include this endorsement on our 100% surgical steel products.




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