Spider Gag Wide Open

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Spider Red Back Gag, Adjustable Leather Strap, metal open mouth gag, extreme bondage gag


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For extreme mouth bondage this chains metal mouth set is sure to please.  Eyecatching and metal this is sure to put the bite back into bdsm.  You will need a submissive playmate that does not mind being dominated with a bit of mouth fetish. 


When you want to make sure that your partner can't keep their mouth shut during sex, use this spider gag on them. The gag consists of a steel ring that will keep your partner from being able to fully close their mouth. The gag connects to a strap that buckles in the back.


This intricately crafted gag is eyecatching to say the least. REDBACKS  bite so a gag especially one which has metalwork that resembles a spider is a must!


Now all you need to complete the setting is a submissive playmate, a good whip or paddle or both, some restraints and your little friend will be eating out of your hands ... well maybe not with this gag on but so the saying goes.


Spider Gag Wide Open

Overall Length 64cm

Strap Width 12mm

Adjustable Options 9

O Ring Inner 40mm Outter 50mm 

Strap Width 12mm (small)

Strap Width 17mm (Medium)


Spider Gag Specs and Benefits:
  • Size: Adjustable
  • Material: Metal, Faux Leather
  • Color: Black with Silver gag
  • Ensure that your partner won't be able to close their mouth
  • Buckles in the back to keep things firmly in place


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