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Sin Five

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Set with light - and middle - weight!

In view of its smallness the balls of the EMIGI-Set light are very easy to insert and pleasurable to wear. Due to the two different weights they offer an absolute easy workout. You should start training with EMIGI candy floss 42g and as your pelvic floor muscle gets stronger, the EMIGI raspberry, 58g, with increasing weight can be used. This set signifies an ideal base for women who should start training their pelvic muscle with light balls in cause of situational- or maybe stronger signals of urinary incontinence. EMIGI is pleasurable to wear during any type of acivity, such as walking or jogging. While wearing EMIGI, the inner ball-shaped weights oscillate to stimulate and strengthen the pelvic floor and vaginal muscles. By wearing the EMIGI a positive muscle training effect is generated and in addition it is possible to build up the lust.


  • made of non-toxic, skin-friendly & soft elastomer
  • easy to insert & quiet during use
  • sits securely inside the vagina due to anatomically designed
    form & short but stretchy tail

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  • SINFIVE Emigi Set
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