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Easy to insert, quiet during use - made in Germany!
EMIGI is possibly the smallest pelvic floor trainer made in Germany, very easy to insert and pleasurable to wear.EMIGI offers with a weight of 58g an ideal base for all women who wish to train their pelvic muscles for minimizing the risk of situational urinary incontinence - even for alleviating already existing discomfort. EMIGI is pleasurable to wear during any type of acivity, such as walking or jogging. While wearing EMIGI, the inner ball-shaped weights oscillate to stimulate and strengthen the pelvic floor and vaginal muscles.By wearing the EMIGI a positive muscle training effect is generated and in addition it is possible to build up the lust.


  • made of non-toxic, skin-friendly & soft elastomer
  • easy to insert & quiet during use
  • sits securely inside the vagina due to anatomically designed
    form & very stretchy tail
  • easy to clean with mild soap and warm water
  • ONLY to insert into the vagina!

    Slight variations in colour between picture and product are possible.

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