Sextrology Vibes Taurus

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Miss Taurus,
You are very romantic and loyal. You enjoy sharing with your lover, and will go to extremes to keep that person happy. You are a good cook especially at heating things up in the bedroom. Commitment and loyalty are very important to you and you have exceptional skills at making your loved ones feel secure. You radiate wholesomeness and are very attractive to those seeking stability in their lives. You can be compared to that of a straight shooter sexually, a gentle and tender lover, and the most sensual of all the signs in the universe.

Our Sextrology Vibes line, exclusive from L.A. Erotic Toys®, comes to energize your day according to your sign. Pick the one according to your birth date and start your day receiving all the vibes from the sky. Your Sextrology Vibe, is the mystic channel between you and the universe!

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