Sex & Mischief Studded Mask

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Sex & Mischief Studded Mask

Sometimes there is nothing sexier than being in the dark. With the new Studded Mask from Sex & Mischief, you can add some mystery to your next sexual encounter. The mystery comes from not knowing what your partner is going to do next, which can be an incredibly erotic sensation. With a hole-free mask like the Studded Mask, the wearer can make use of and enhance their remaining four senses to enjoy the experience to the fullest.

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This allows you to explore your lover in new ways. Try restraining your lover and placing this mask over their eyes so they are completely under your control. The mask is also great for role-playing. Try donning the guise of a super villain, and trying up your captive while placing the mask over their eyes. Add a ball gag, and you're ready to play out a scene full of erotic possibilities. The mask has been the final addition to costumes throughout the ages, whether it is Mardi grass, Halloween, or a costume ball.

Now you can make it part of your favourite look, to add some mystery and erotic sensations. This studded mask is lined with a soft and comfortable material, with studs adorning the outline of the mask. When you slip this over your eyes, you'll be comfortable, and look like an S&M goddess. Never knowing what is coming next can enhance your sex, and give you erotic chills. Not only for use within a BDSM relationship, the mask can be an essential tool for some fun vanilla sex that keeps the wearer guessing.

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