Sex & Mischief Door Play Cuffs

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Sex & Mischief Door Play Cuffs

Turn any doorway into bondage furniture with this top-quality pair of furry handcuffs. Simply place the strap over the door, pull it shut and the faux fur wrist cuffs lock into place, creating a sturdy pair of overhead handcuffs.

 This pair of sexy handcuffs will transform any door into sex furniture. The simple design slides over the door top and is trapped in place once the door is closed, leaving two velcro-fastening cuffs protruding over the door frame for you to cuff your lover to.

 A one-piece design, the two fluffy handcuffs are 19 inches apart and connect to a central strap measuring 4.5 inches.The 4.5 inch strap is placed over the door frame and has two gathered sections that allow it to be trapped by the door once closed. The cuffs can therefore hang at a length of either 14 inches or 19 inches to suit different heights.Both cuffs have adjustable velcro fastening that will accommodate wrists up to 10 inches in circumference.

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