Screaming O The WooHoO

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Screaming O

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Screaming O The WooHoO

The WooHoo has been developed for couples seeking a special thrill in the bedroom and looking to take their playtime to a higher level. This stretchy cockring has all the accessories needed for all-around full-frontal stimulation with a taint and testes tingle designed specifically for his special attention. While the cockring keeps his erection stiff and hard and the top vibrator sends vibes directly to her clit, the soft gel testicle receptacle hugs the balls to position the bottom bullet vibrator perfectly underneath the ball sack and touching his taint, featuring two separate textures designed differently to stimulate their targets. Ridges rub his perineum while textures nubbies lightly massage his balls and give him special attention he wont get from other cockrings on the market and might not even get from his partner! Both he and she will get superior stimulation and maximum gratification - the WooHoo offers the kind of wild ride couples cant wait to get off and on and off and on!

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