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O Joy Screaming O

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  • Non-vibrating erection ring for less buzz and more rubbin' fun
  • Larger pleasure dots w/ firmer texture stimulate w/ every stroke
  • Smaller rubby nubbies add a light tingly sensation
  • Digit divot allows targeted clitoral pressure from him or her
  • Available in two fun colors: Pink and Purple!
Standard Features:
  • Reusable fun!
  • Waterproof
  • Hygienically superior SEBS


The OJoy is the first cockring of its kind to offer incredible clitoral contact without vibration that can feel too intense for some. Its firm erection band stretches to fit all sizes and is lined with a series of pleasure dots that massage or vulva with every stroke.

The OJoy’s ergonomically designed clitoral stimulator features rubby nubbies firm enough for direct clitoral stimulation, and a rounded digit divot lets him or her control the fun! Get the erection enhancement he needs and the clitoral simulation she craves, all in one quiet cockring.

The only nookie noises the neighbors can hear are your own!  •  Larger pleasure dots with firmer texture stimulate with every stroke
 •  Smaller rubby nubbies add a light tingly sensation 
 •  Digit divot allows targeted clitoral pressure from him or her 

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