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Ofinity Cock Ring

Screaming O

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Screaming O - Ofinity

The Ofinity twofold erection ring gives men a (practically) endless erection! Its special confinement configuration tightens blood stream for concentrated improvement that endures and keeps going and suits any size part.

This stretchy cock ring has one reason: to help keep his erections harder for more while serving to avert untimely discharge. Just extend the top ring around the pole and the base ring around the testicles and position them against the base of the body – they will fit tight and cozy with a specific end goal to moderate course and help him keep up a stronger erection and last more in the room. This double activity sex toy for men likewise helps expand affectability and advances more extreme and effective climaxes, bringing about better and additionally fulfilling sex with no restrictions! Also, the best part? When you're set, essentially wash the Ofinity with cleanser and warm water, towel dry, and keep it close and prepared for your next experienc

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