R1 Triple Bach Caps Bullet Attachment

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R1 Triple Bach Caps Bullet Attachment

Great accessories that can be used on any vibrating bullet!

The Triple Bach Caps are a real must-have product if you own the R-1 starter set but not only.
The vibration spreads so well throughout the great quality medical-grade silicone material.
Great product to stimulate all erogenous zones of the human body.

The 3 different attachments have a perfect fit on the Bach rotor bullet included with the R1 starter set.

“VIRGO” looks like a cute hat when put over the Bach Rotor bullet.
It sends vibrations gradually, like a vibrating tongue and is perfect for small sensitive zones such as the clitoris or the nipples.

“LIBRA” has been created to be used as a vibrating penis extension to stimulate the G-spot during intercourse.
The stretchy silicone sleeve has also extra texture inside for a secure fit onto the penis to enable hands-free use!
After the partner and rotor have been set up comfortably, it allows any partner to be in control of ultra powerful  stimulation -
One of the best attachments for couples, intense orgasms guaranteed!

“LEO” has been specifically designed for anal stimulation, especially for prostate stimulation.
It is perfect for beginners and allows gentle to intense stimulation.
Leo is made of pure silicone material, soft, slim, very safe and secure.
Using the ultra powerful vibration of Bach Rotor, Leo provides extreme anal stimulation unbeatable by no other anal sex toy.

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