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It was only a matter of time that the name synonymous with sexual pleasures and erotica "PLAYBOY" would produce their own brand of condoms. Keeping with the Playboy brand that is symbolic of romance, sex appeal and sophistication, these Playboy condoms just might be the sexiest condoms ever

Playboy condoms are becoming very popular Australia Particularly with the younger crowd.  The following condoms are available now in 3 pack boxes.

Playboy Condoms - For Her Pleasure A lubricated premium latex condom with textured dots to add extra stimulation to ensure that this Playboy Condoms delivers full pleasure.

Playboy Condoms - Extra Pleasure - 3 Pack - Contains three 54 mm nominal width multi textured condoms - Each condom is made from premium quality latex - Does not contain spermacide or topical anaethestic - Lubricated for easy application, comfort & sensitivity - Extra lubrication may reduce risk of condom breakage - Use water based lubricants only. Do not use oil based products

Playboy Condoms - Regular - Introducing the Sexiest Condoms Available. Here is a regular fit condom that is designed for regular use! Made from premium latex and lubricated so it is ready to go when you are!  Contains three 54mm nominal width regular condoms. Each condom is made from Premium Quality Latex. Does not contain spermicide or topical anasthetic. Lubricated for easy application, comfort and sensitivity. Each Playboy Condom is electronically tested for reliability.

Playboy Condoms - Ultra Thin - New Playboy Ultra Thin Lubricated Condoms are made from premium quality latex and lubricated for comfort and sensitivity. Each Playboy Ultra Thin Lubricated condom is thinner and more sensitive than a regular condom, with a width of 54 mm and a reservoir end. For your safety and quality, each condom is individually electronically tested.

Playboy Condoms  for the man that wants to be prepared. Have safe sex with a bit of style and imagine you are Hugh Hefner whilst putting on your protection. In great novelty 3 packs you should never leave home without them

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