Pjur Espresso

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Pjur Espresso, Lubricants, Condom-safe, taste- and odourless

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Infused with extra stimulating caffeine, the pjur espresso lubricant is an easy way to give an instant kick to any sexual endeavour. This lube is part of pjur's line of products developed to be used with toys, but that works just as sensationally when added to your lovemaking. pjur espresso is a water-based lubrication, ideal for any skin type and non-staining, so it will wash out easily from bedding or lingerie.

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Its thick formula is easy to apply and stays put without need for re-application while its light formula is tasteless and odourless. Contained in the formula is a boost of caffeine to introduce some thrilling spice to your passion in the bedroom while giving you an incredible extra glide with your toys or your partner. The caffeine in this formula works to restrict the blood vessels and produces that tingly sensation that makes play with your toy feel extra incredible.

Take your coffee in a way that's more thrilling and satisfying than drinking it from a cup and easily boost your love life with a shot of caffeine from this super slick and easy to use espresso lubrication from pjur.

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