Pecker Toss

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Pecker Toss

A great game for the bedroom! This game is called Pecker Toss, featuring a colorful array of tossing rings and a penis shaped stand where you're supposed to throw them. Make this game even more fun by using a real one!

Enjoy everyone's favorite game of horse shoes with your very own pecker toss.

You will be surprised at the extensive range available from Maxpassion Sex Toys & Gifts.       

  • Guaranteed to make them laugh
  • This just might be more fun that pin the tail on the donkey! come on, give it a toss!
  • See just how many rings your can toss onto the cock
  • Glow in the dark
  • Bachelorette Party Fun^Includes 6 Glow In the Dark Rings^Guaranteed To Make Em Laugh

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