Oxballs Dick Screw Spike

Silicone Penis Plug


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Oxballs DickScrew Spike

The new DICK SCREW SPIKE silicone sound is the perfect piss hole stuffer.  DICK SCREW SPIKE is the big brother of COCKSCREW...it's longer, wider, and fills you up deeper...

Its smooth shape and soft silicone material feel fuckin’ amazing snakin’ down your slit and the grip handle lets you easily control the depth and speed of your probing.And because it’s made from silicone, there’s less risk of irritation or harm than with metal or other rigid sounds.

They’re also easy to sanitize with a soapy water and diluted bleach solution. Hell, our silicone is so tough you can even autoclave it.

LENGTH:  4"/ 10.16 cm

 TIP: approximately 3mm

 WIDEST POINT:  approximately 6.5 mm

 USABLE LENGTH:  3.5"/8.89 cm

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Oxballs Dick Screw Spike Date Added: Saturday 16 January, 2016

by Douglas, Sydney

ox balls pa silicone piss plug Metal sounds are great for pros, but they require a lot of knowledge and skill to use properly. Oxballs has made a huge advance in making it safer for everyday users to try urethral play, as their new Sound Sets are made from soft, flexible medical platinum silicone.The shaft of the sounds are perfectly smooth, as Oxballs knows that any imperfection can ruin the hot feel of filling your hole. In addition, the design is well thought out featuring a curved grip-end, (gives the look of a prince albert) which also gives you a secure way to hold onto the sounds and keep control even when your fingers are dripping in lube and precum.In each set, you get two Oxballs Silicone sounds. This first Silicone Sound features a smooth shaft that starts out very small and gradually thickens. The second Silicone Sound features three distinct sizes, one bigger than the next, allowing you to slowly work your way up as you gain experience. What I do like is the SAFETY of this material for insertion. this material is smooth, soft, and safe, and you can really be much rougher with it than you can with a steel sound, since there's no risk of nicking or jabbing inside the urethra. The hook end is really too flexible to be considered a stop, it would just slip inside if you got to the end, so these are not suitable for leave in play, someone must be holding the end. For someone who is taking a 7mm or bigger steel sound, these would be a fine addition to your toybox, and would probably get a lot of "warm up" use. Dimensions: Both sounds graduate from a modest 17mm circumference to 34mm circumference at the very top.Color: Blood Red. black

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